Torker CX starting to creak...

Well, after riding my faithful Torker CX 24" into the ground for almost 4 months now, the old girl’s starting to creak a bit. Whenever I get on, shift my weight any considerable amount on the saddle, grab the seat in preperation for hopping, or actually hop (both static and rolling), she replies with a high pitched squeal of distaste. I’ve checked the wheelset and profiles - the hubs seem in good condition, the wheel is trued, pedals are fine, cranks are still straight. I can only assume now that it’s my saddle/seatpost…would I be right in assuming this?

And if I am, what would be a good option? Just stop my dropping and hopping on the CX, or spend the 40 or 50 bucks on a new saddle/seatpost until I can get my '06 Torker DX 24" that I’m saving up for?

my lx did that …did you make sure the seat is tight 2 the seat post…thats what was wrong with mine it squeels no longer…

this happens on my lx but i just shrug it off it gonna be fine

edit: huh mabye i should try that

Hm well I haven’t retightened my seatpost screws in a couple weeks, maybe that’ll help.