Torker CX seatpost size 22.1?

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Need some help. My daughter is moving up from her sun 16 to her brother’s torker cx 20. I believe the seatpost on the sun is 22.2 mm. It doesn’t quite fit into the cx frame. The frame is too skinny. The torker website shows that the post should be 22.1 mm.

Where can I get a 22.1 mm seatpost? My intention is to have them both ride the torker cx. I’ll have two seats and two seatposts with different lengths.


22.1mm is not a standard post size; I am doubtful that Torker would make a cycle that wouldn’t accept a standard seat post.

22.2mm is a standard size, although one that is not used much these days. If you’re having problems inserting the seat post into the frame, they should be overcome with a little grease and a little fidgeting, nothing more. Did you inspect the frame for damage or obstruction? Even a little ding in the frame can make seatpost insertion a bit of a nightmare…

Give it another try… let us know how it goes!

Take a bit of sandpaper, glue it to a stick so that the end can flap around, stick the stick on the end of a drill, sand out the inside of the frame.

I have had to do that with a couple frames when the tolerances weren’t quite right.

Yeah, Sask and Miastro are right

You can only get seat posts for cheap uni’s in generic 22 and 25 mm size. If a 22 mm post won’t fit in your uni, try Sask’s idea, make it fit. Your only option is hands on persuasion.

Confirmed Torker CX seatpost is smaller.

OK. It’s confirmed. The Torker CX seatpost is indeed smaller in diameter than the Sun seatpost. Torker specs them at 22.1 and Sun at 22.2.

I can insert the Torker CX seatpost inside the Sun seatpost. The outer diameter of the Torker seatpost is smaller than the inner diameter of the Sun seatpost.

Now, where in the world am I gonna find a 22.1 unicycle seatpost?

You aren’t going to. If all you need to do is remove 0.1 mm, course sandpaper on the seatpost shouldn’t take very long.


OK. Mystery solved. I got off my ass and measured the Sun seatpost with a ruler. It’s more like an inch (25.4mm). The cx seatpost is probably 22.2.

Sorry for the confusion. I’m a bit metrically challenged.:o