torker cx question

I have a torker cx as my first and olny unicycle. I want to do trials so i will need a bigger tire so can i just buy this tire and replace it with the skinny tire it comes with

No, it will be too small

buy nimbus ISIS trial ( 20" ) if you want to do trial…

you could try something like this

I believe it is the only real trias oriented tire for a 20" (406mm) rim

real trials unicycles have a smaller 19" (366mm) rim and take different tires.

I am not sure if the tire I linked to will fit inside your frame as I do not have a cx myself but it will fit on your rim unlike a true trials tire. Not sure where to get the tire in the states, you will have to look around.

If you do to much jumping and dropping on your cx it will eventually break so take it easy on that thing, try riding up lines but not dropping down to preserve the life of your uni till you can get a proper trials uni.

Hope that helped.



do you think it would better to just buy a nimbus trials

If you have the money and are serious about riding trials absolutely.

edit: then you can give the cx to a friend so they can learn… spread the bug, it can be contagious.

even if you buy a bigger tire your rim will break eventually… i suggest to buy the nimbus trial…


dose any one have an idea of when I should swith to the nimbus trials

you should switch when you think you are ready. everyone is difrent and we can not tell you what is best to do in every situaiton. Take a look at your unicyce, your bank acount, what you have been dooing for entertainment, wheter you will need that money for something else and how much you would enjoy having a solid unicycle that is ideal for dooing trials.

There is no question that a nimbus trials is much superior to a modded CX for trials but it is your choice when and if you want to upgrade.

thank you


i would not recomend it. the seat post would not hold up god and niether would the cranks and pedals. just go to and buy yourself a unicycle made for trials.

How much do you weigh ?

Because you are 12, and maybe well under 100 lbs. your cx should hold up fine for drops < 2 ft. Buy a spoke wrench. Tap each spoke and tighten the loose ones by turning them counter clockwise at the rim.

Make sure your cranks and pedals are on tight. Stop riding if you feel any play, and fix it.


i have a torker cx as well and am now riding more street and trials… i dont have the money for an expensive trials uni right now so i just want to put a better tire on my cx. Is this possible? or will a 20’’ trials tire not fit