torker cx is the lightest unicycle

just weighed it to be 4.5359237 kilograms as opposed to koxx 5.3 and kh 5.6
lol I guess I’ll have to use my learner for trials now.

haha- yeah, until it breaks and you fall on your face :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: trust me - it doesn’t feel good

sun 12", DO IT

don’t forget to cut all but about an inch or two off the seat post.

Yeah but it is a lot weaker and it has the thin tyre which I think is no good for trials.

what is with you buck teethed europeans saying tyre it’s tire goddamnit
and color not colour and liter not liKorrecttre
O.K. means
Ol’ Korrect means
All Correct
So thats why I say Aight (All Right)

Im Australian, Kilometres away from Europe.

edit: I weigh 60 Kilograms and am 172 centremetres tall

On behalf of most of the Americans on this forum I’d like to apologise (UK spelling) for derek9db’s boorish behavior. derek9db, look up the term “Ugly American” sometime. I know Chico is a cultural mecca and all, but next time you’re trying to fix someone’s English, take a moment to consider where that language comes from.

Anyway, my carbon MUni is lighter than all those production unis. so there.

it comes from german

well thats just what my history teacher told me

Comes from quite a few places, question what your history teacher tells you, a lot of it is half truths…
And I wouldn’t use the cd for trials unless you plan to buy new parts every couple days.

alright I was too harsh just got done steamin on facebook sorry

anyway my first real uni will be here wed so i can finally start doing trials
its a koxx one xtp green super stoked

The world record hop on a unicycle

My crystal ball is blurry. No, it’s just dusty, and my glasses feel off when I dropped my beer. Amazing ! the spilled beer washed the dust off both the crystal ball and my glasses, at the same time! Still doesn’t work. Bang, bang, let me blow a little smoke on it. Damn it. Busted.

OK, that thing is broke. Good thing it was a light crystal ball. If it was a 12 lb crystal ball, I could not have jumped so high as I did with the 6 lb. crystal ball that is broke now. I always jump when I spill my beer.

Cool,!:slight_smile: it was a Chinese crystal ball with a fortune slip inside. It said , " You can throw 8 lbs of shit further than 10 lbs of gold."

lol, I wouldn’t be too sure about that, a CX isn’t very strong at all, I would say the CX and sun are around the same quality range. Torker, fortunately does make some better unis.

Sorry, it looked like I was talking about the sun but I was talking about the torker cx. :wink:

Yes, you should indeed.

The metric system is originally a French affair.
Through most of the 19th century, metres were used in France while in Germany we had a pile of different mile standards.

Edit: Oh sorry, I got that wrong. You were talking of the English language. Sorry.


hey just a question i’m getting my xtp hopefully tonight upgraded from cx lol will it be like a pogo stick so i can jump higher? :thinking:

I upgraded from a Sun to a Green Spirit recently. It helped with hopping a little bit since the tire is more springy. But don’t expect miracles. Hopping is about technique and strength. Like everything else, you just have to practice to get good at it.

Don’t overthink the English thing. The point is, the language comes from Europe.

FTL, does your Chinese crystal ball have a chrome ball inside it? Oooh. :smiley:

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh : ) k gotcha