torker cx grind plates?

i just got some pieces of sheet metal(6 for 10 cents) that will fit over the pedals on my torker cx should i do this and how much grind and stuff could the pedals hold up too, and when im riding how do i make sure that the grinding part of the pedals stay on the bottom?
thanks to anyone who replys

just bend the end up and bolt it on. screw the plates in place and make sure they are flush or you will not grind. unless you have an alluminuim welder and the pedals and plates are alluminium. have a look at my pedals here its called grind pedals 1/2/3 they are a bit muddy but hey im well lazy. good luck in making them put some pics on when you have made them

plastic pedals, dont really need grind plates…

My thoughts exactly. You dont need grind plates for plastic pedals, they actually work better than plates. Thats why you see people like Kevin McMullin(one of the best street riders out there) riding with one plastic pedal…

plastic grind plates > plastic pedals > metal grind plates.

eventually you’re gonna kill that Torker CX anyway, it can not hold up to much. so before long you’ll need to get a trials uni, which will have platform pedals, and then you should make grind plates out of plastic, or buy plastic ones.

plactic is rubbish they break really easily and have no grip in the wet(we get a lot of it here in the u.k.) and its not exactally hard to make it

…they have no grip. that’s the entire point. grinding? sliding?

but you don’t want ur feet sliding…

oh, right. depends on the kind of pedal. which is exactly why you’ll want a new unicycle, with metal platform pedals and plastic grind plates.