torker cx abuse?

okay i just learned to hop tonight i cant land it yet but im gonna learn soon and i was wondering like how much i could put it through before it breaks and when it does break what part of it will break?and what replacement part for it i should get, since i was just thinking about fixing it as the parts break until it’s just about all new, and im gonna like try to make it a trials uni, that would also be able to do street tricks a little.
if this makes any since to you then like please respond, and thanks to anyone who does.

you should get this one

yeah right the nibus sux! I think hte cx s stronger, and this is from rding both…but as or your cx, the first thing that will happen is you bend your cranks or pedals, then maybe hte wheel…but if you land properly oyu can do 2 ft drops no problem anyhting more htan that you need good landing skils or be real light, i might be able to do 3 on one without bending but im not sure too much…but if your worrying abuot breakage get a splined set up, unless your more into freestlye than your cx is fine…