Torker Cx 24 inch, cycle computer, try all 27.2 mm seatpost, old saddles

I have several things for sale here, prices include shipping to USA. I can ship internationally, but it would be at your expense. If you want to negotiate with the price, pm me with your offers. I might be open to trades, tell me what you have. Images are all attached at the bottom. Please pm me with your offers.

Torker CX 24 inch unicycle. This is used, in good working order. The frame has a few scratches. Comes with the stock saddle, or for an extra $25 I’ll leave the nimbus gel on it shown in the pic. the pedals are in reasonable condition. Needs a new inner tube, I intend to include one if you pay full price. $65 shipped

Used like new Knog Nerd cycle computer. This is the 12 function model (one step up from the model udc sells) I still have all of the original packaging as well as the manual. Got it as a Christmas gift and used it about 6 miles. Its really finicky to get set up, and I was hoping to be able to switch it out across multiple unicycles easily. SIZE=“3”]$35 shipped[/SIZE]

Used Tryall 27.2 mm aluminum seatpost. Its very light, I can weigh it if you want. Has not been cut. The paint is worn where the saddle nuts screwed on. I measured it to 10 inches. $20 shipped

Used torker lx saddle with post. Red bumpers, could switch those out for black. The post has been cut down to 9 inches. The post is bent just enough that you can tell if you look at it closely, but not enough to make it show up in pictures. There is a minor tear that I have shown in the pics. $18 shipped

Used velo saddle. I am not the original owner of this so I can’t put a date on it other than it is pre 2009. Seems ideal for a flattened seat as it has a ton of foam and is cheap. The cover is not in good shape, it is flaking, see the picture. $20 shipped

pm sent

Just for reference that pm was about the Torker CX.

Yes sir,just sent another PM

Dibs on the Torker 24"
Sent 3 PM’s,dont know if theyre going thru,they dont show up in my sent folder.

I’m out on the Torker,best offer not accepted

Hey guys, when I originally estimate the shipping for the Torker CX, it was coming up with about $15, but now its saying about $23, so the $65 shipped is firm, no best offer.

I’ll take the Torker 24" for $65
PM sent

Payment sent for Torker 24" uni.

Still have everything but the Torker cx.