Torker CX 20" or Sun 20"?

I’m new to unicycling, and need a good starter for under $100. My question is, which of the two listed above would be better? A few of my friends started out with the Sun, and say it’s great for learning, and I don’t know too much about the CX. I’d rather have the LX, but It’s price is pushing my wallet to the limit.

If you would rather have the LX why don’t you buy one for $0.03 less than $100.
I bought a 20" LX from here a month ago for $99.97 with shipping and tax included. I like my lx a lot… nice seat, square crown, 48 spoke…

If you do want to stick with the CX or Sun I would say go with the CX as it has a square crown which you’ll want when you start doing tricks on it…

Get the lx instead, its tons better.

i agree with the above…get the lx…you wont regret it!

i concur with everyone… LX owns over both of your options


Yeah…CX seat hurts your lower area like the higgins. Plus, you can’t really replace the seat, the little hole thingy is too small to fit any other seats. or at least most other seats.

Watch ebay for bicyclesource auctions. I just picked up an LX for 89.82 shipped. the starting bid was something like 69.97. I had to wait until the end of the auction but it saved me a few $ over the buy it now price!

buying a sun will be not good

a cx is a step up

BUT an LX is the answer

the lx is prime choice for beginners. its nice because once you start getting up into the 3-4 level you need a frame prime for one footers and such. the cx is ok but the LX IS DIESAL.