Torker conversion

Has anyone modified a torker? I was thinking the DX 20" would make a good trials, if tou could fit a trials tire in the frame, because of the splined hub/cranks. This led me to start thinking that it might be possible to get a larger frame and tire, and to have a relatively cheap, extremely strong uni. However, it may not be possible to get a frame that fits the hub. Does anyone know anything about this?

On a completely different topic, what kind of rim comes on the Nimbus trials? I know the MUnis have Alex DX 32s…

I remember reading another thread about this. it went something like this: the dx20 is splined, strong, but unfortunately has a 20" rim instead of a 19", so you can’t put trials tires on. also, the frame isnt fat enough.

This is correct. The problem is not just the narrow frame. The 20 inch rim doesn’t fit trials tires. Trials tires are made to fit 19 inch rims. Another drawback is the shorter cranks. I believe the DX cranks are 127mm. Most trials riders use 140mm cranks.

Ironically, I just sent a rather long email to Torker suggesting these changes to their unicycles.


ok, thanks. If it would work, it would be really cool.