Torker Backorder

I’m wondering how many of us are waiting for a Torker LX or DX on backorder.

I ordered an LX early January from a local bike shop and told about a week. A week later I got a call saying it was backordered and would be in Febuary 10th. On the 15th I went in and was told it’d be about 10 more days. Today I called (March 2nd) and told MAYBE two more weeks, but no garuntee. They’re getting their information from the importer.

That will put my wait time to just over 2 months IF I get it in two weeks.

Anyone else having a similar experience?

wow … that sux

I must have got the last one in the USA

Maybe they are fixing the problems I documented here

Try ebay. I got mine off of their when the local bike stores were back orderd. I also wound up paying $50 less than the retail price.

I checked E-Bay the other day and they were mysteriously absent as well.

There’s a DX on Ebay for $149

GO and Get it NOW !

i posted awile ago about the 2006 Torker DX series going up slightly in price. maybe they are bettering them again, thus the delay and back order.

If you can’t find one on E-Bay, has them for 200 dollars I believe. In stock, since one of our guys just ordered one and it should be here today.

Someone posted posted about this site earlier:

I’m not sure if they are in stock, but it doesn’t say they are not in stock. They also have pretty low prices and free shipping.

UniBombers … lol

Congrats in recruiting a new uni-bomber :smiley: