Torker ax

Im new to the forum and would like to know if the Torker ax is any good? It looks very light but the crown is not flat which is weird for torker.

having a round crown can be better or worse depending on what your want to do. What wheel size were you looking at?

20 inch

have you found anyone who sells the AX or did you just see it on their site??

I seen it on their site for the first time today. I did’t know they made it.

It isn’t out yet.

ok so thats why I have never seen it before. do you know when it comes out

maybe look for it after the start of next year though

I dont really want to buy AX but I am interested in a DX I just need to get some money together.

They haven’t said when its coming out, but what I last heard was that they were reworking the frame to be even lighter.

they should throw a splined hub on it too!

do you know what it is suppose to weigh?

i heard that they are suppose to cost from 200 to 300$.

naw, it doesn’t say.

they better have a splined hub

that is probly an estamate

email them and ask them

im not 2 worried about it and Im sure it will be all over the forum soon.

what is <unicycle for christ> I have been seeing it alot?

If you want to do freestyle, get it, but for trials and street the dx would be better.