torker ax (USA only)

Im selling a 20" torker ax with about 2 and a half months of use on it. It has some scratches on the left crank and the pedals and a few on the seat but its in great condition. This uni has served me well in the past, im looking for about $110 and shipping from maryland, USA (only will ship within the united states sorry). I would post some pictures but im having some trouble getting them on here, if your interested in this uni please email me at .

sorry forgot to add that it has some medal pedals with very nice grip, although im not sure of the kind since they were a gift from a friend they feel nice when your riding and doing higher jumps.

Some pictures would definitely help the sale.

EDIT: You live in Maryland and ride street? Shoot me a pm.

yeah im sure they would but for some reason its not letting me put any on here

Have you uploaded them to an online photo storage?(Excuse me if you’ve already taken this step, but I don’t know how far you’ve gotten.)

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