Torker AX 29

Has anybody bought one? This is what I was going to buy before I stepped up and bought a KH 29er. Just wondering if I made the right decision and maybe should have been more patient and waited for the Torker to be released. I only ride on paved bike trails and have no intention of riding offroad.

Never ridden it but the AX would have been fine for what you do, maybee even better (a bit lighter), and you could have saved some nice coin :p, assuming you never go off road & rarely off curbs.

(smooth dirt OK)

I wouldn’t worry about dropping curbs on it, as I do that all the time on my Yuni 29er and it’s still fine. The KH sounds like overkill, but now you have the option to go off road, and the nice double-hole cranks.

Yes the KH 29er was overkill, but it was a killer deal from AEBIKE. I have the version that was released with just single hole cranks.

I think the KH will definitely hold it’s value (more so than the AX), so if you ever decide it was too much you could probably sell it no problem and get the AX and some extra cash…