Torker and KH

i was just looking on the product reveiws and im getting a KH saddle and a torker lx for christmas and they said your gonna have to get a new seat post to make it fit… is this true i did i read it wrong


Re: Torker and KH

Yes, that is true.

There are two different seat mounting bolt standards used for unicycle seats in common use. There is the Miyata bolt pattern and the bolt pattern used by Schwinn, Viscount, Semcycle, KH, Velo, and others. You cannot fit a Miyata seat on a seatpost designed for a KH seat. You cannot fit a KH seat on a seatpost designed for a Miyata seat. The bolts just don’t line up.

Here’s a picture of a Miyata seatpost: Miyata seatpost
Here’s a picture of a KH/Schwinn/Semcycle seatpost: Semcycle seatpost

You can see that the bolt holes are in different places for the two seatposts. They are not interchangable.

George Barnes has made a universal seatpost that will fit both the Miyata and the KH style seats: GB4 seatpost
You can see the two different bolt patterns there.

The Torker LX has a Miyata style saddle. The seatpost that comes with the Torker LX will not fit a KH saddle. You will need to get a new seatpost if you want to use a KH saddle.

The good news is that Torker makes a seatpost that will fit the KH saddle. The Torker DX ships with a seatpost to fit the KH saddle.

The Miyata style saddle that comes with the Torker LX is a good freestyle saddle. For freestyle I prefer the Miyata style saddle to the KH style saddle. Put a GB4 stiffener plate in the Torker LX saddle and it will hold up well for freestyle use.

like john saud but in differant words

yes,very true but the seat that comes with the LX is a good seat so dont worry. sit on it for awile.

getting a 25.4 seat post with the standard bolt pattern for your Torker isnt hard, just order one from the same shop your LX came from.

the DX Torker line comes with the standard pattern (fits KH) and my shop has ordered a couple just for this same reason.