Torker adding ISIS to all DX's

According to the bike shop I order from, Torker DX’s are out of stock everywhere because Torker is adding the ISIS hub to all the ones they release now. The new DX’s will hit the market Nov 1st.
Does anyone have more details, comments, etc?..
I’m not even in the market for one, but have several friends who ride them, and I was just wondering what the popular opinion was about Torkers decision to do this. The one thing I am curious about though is if they changed anything else, and what will happen to the price.

There was an ad on the back of a recent Uni mag. Maybe someone could scan the ad?

The price is lower, the seat is thinner. The frame is lighter and the wheel set has 48 spokes and an Alex DX-32 rim. Also the 19’’ has Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals and Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre. I think its good that Torker redesigned the DX’s but they should have used 36 spokes.

Why do you think they should have used 36 instead of 48?
Are they still only available in the Red/Black scheme?

They are black I think. 36 spokes is lighter and if torker had 36 hole hubs/rims for the DX’s, than other unicycle rims/hubs could be used with there hub or rim easier.

hey here is some info and pictures.

We shall see what they are like in real life…



well the torker only gets bether with this upgrades so its a good thing.
one more isis crank to choose;)
and with a good price it is a strong but inexpensive upgrade for starters

I’ve been calling SBS about this thing for the past 2 months. They have no clue what they’re getting or when.

There’s going to be a LX pro for 2010 too…

Doctor Punch, I heard the release date is Nov 1st, but I’m sure Torker will be filling back orders for a while, so it will probably be a little longer than that until they are readily available.

I know, I actually work at an LBS and for plug). Our guy over at SBS has been talling me for WEEKS that they’re on they way. I remember calling in like…May and he told me August, then September.

I wanna bring in KHU and Nimbus but the powers that be think that unicycling is unprofitable.

I’m a member of PPUT (Panther Pride) and Torker is one of our sponsors. gOrk Barret, the dude in charge at SBS Redline (Torker), brought us the new DX and the LX Pro to play with a few months ago. We have a direct line into their product development team so if there is anything you feel strongly about please let me know and I’ll pass it along to them.

(One of the designs they prototyped but didn’t develop was a frame and seatpost with NO SEATCLAMP! It worked but you had to remove the wheel every time you wanted to change the height of the seat.)

Big improvements coming versus their old fare, and they incorporated many of our suggestions in the new designs. We keep bugging them about more changes but it’s expensive to change all the parts at once and they have contractual commitments with their manufacturers to worry about as well. I’m sure KH can empathize.

The good news is these changes definitely make Torker unicycles more attractive for us riders and bring the designs up to modern standards. I need a 24" Muni so I’m seriously considering the new DX 24".

I would be tempted to get there 48 spoke hub if there are any 47mm rims that can fit that many spokes. Are there any?

Who uses plastics for muni???

I’d think metals would be more standard and beneficiary…

WHY THE CRoMo!!! Switch to steel atleast! Alu. if possible.


The term “steel” simply refers to an alloy of iron and carbon. CrMo steel has a carbon plus Chromium and Molybdenum. It’s a more specific alloy, and as such it would be preferred.

I can’t tell whether you’re joking or not…

Does anyone know how much the price is dropping? I might be interested in the 20in if the price is right.

That sounds really odd. Did part of the frame have to extend below the hub for a shorter seat height?

But with the Torker, that $320 gets you free insured shipping, too.