Torker 24 wheelset

I have an unused 24 inch wheelset that comes from Torker. A couple of years ago I ordered a 24inch version to put on my LX26 with the intent to use a bigger tire. My LX26 has a cotterless hub and the wheelset they sent is splined. I never got motivated enough to buy splined cranks to fit this wheelset so it has been sitting my garage all this time. The wheelset does fit on my LX 26 frame but only if I stretch out the forks by about 1/4 inch. So I am not sure what year this was or if it was really for the LX. Torker has a reputation for sending the wrong parts.

If this wheelset will serve your purpose, it is yours for $40 plus shipping.
I did a couple of shipping estimates with UPS:
Dallas to Houston - about $25
Dallas to San Diego - about $36

It might be cheaper to go with USPS. If you can find a cheaper way to ship it, I’d be happy to use any provider I can get access to.

If $40 is too much, please make an offer. On Nov. 30 I will accept the highest offer if no one takes it at the asking price.

What is the bearing diameter?

Where would someone find the 10-spline cranks to fit this hub?

The bearing has an imprint “6203-2RS” and “CWB”

I googled 6203-2rs and got 17x40x12
and I presume that 17 is the bore, 40 is the outer diameter and 12 is the depth.
But I know next to nothing about this.

Hmmm. I don’t see any regular spline cranks on UDC. They mention Qu-Ax 10 cranks in their FAQ - that they are compatible with the Torker DX. I would assume that if you found any Torker DX or Qu-Ax regular spline cranks they should work.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.