Torker 24 AX Vs 24 DX

what is the diff between. Torker 24 AX Vs 24 DX vs lX vs CX. i what to do some drops but no more then 4 foot. also some mountain uni and some trials what would be best?

As your interests include drops and muni I would suggest that you would be wanting to go with the DX in the Torker line. none of the other models that you have listed are using a splined hub and would not likely last too long for any aggressive drops or off road use.

You want the DX. All those others will break very quickly.

To be clear, the other models will only break quickly if you are consistently doing drops over the size of a curb. If you are doing freestyle/flatland or just cruising with the occasional drop under 2 feet they will last you a long time.

For what you are interested in doing though, definitely go DX.

okay, lets say that the Dx is way out of my price range(it really really reallly is). I can afford the Cx or the Lx. I do not know what the Ax runs for. Which is the best besides the Dx? I plan to try trials, but I won’t be doing anything too extreme.

You could get a Nimbus, it’s cheaper and I think better quality.

I own a LX 24",the main problem has been with the alloy cranks stretching at the hub,I have MTB cranks with the spider cut off. I had fitted a 24 x2.7 specialized pro tyre with about 2 mm clearance above the tyre ,any rock in the tread jamed on the frame and threw me off. I have since up graded to a KH 24 but still use the torker for commuter use

The ax and lx are both pretty good

The ax is sorta a lighter weight upgrade over the lx. Alum frame, KH sized post (even though it’s listed as 26.8 mm, a KH post fits in my ax), stainless spokes.
A while ago I was pushing ax 24’s because there was a place selling them for 125 $, the same as the lx, making the ax better, by weight. They are both square hubbed curb hoppers. You really should buy a splined hub uni for larger drops, unless you are very light (less then 100) , and broke( less then 100 LOL).

The dx Torkers are out of favor now, even at the low end of splined uni pricing. Strong, but heavy, the dx Torkers are cursed with a one off bearing size that costs 30 $/ pr. Just as bad, the cranks are odd orphans as well, and cost more then the now standard ISIS type.

You can save money by buying ISIS crank style only, then when you buy a different wheel size, as most riders do, you can move the cranks around. This is no small savings. ISIS cranks are about 75 $/pr. , the Dx cranks about 100.

Sometimes you can find great online deals for KH or Qu-ax. I don’t know of any now though. The nimbus ISIS is a solid ride, but only sold by UDC, as far as I know, and rarely on sale. If you can find a KH 24 online for 450 ish, that is the way to go. Otherwise, go with an ISIS Nimbus. It is just as good , except it lacks the cool KH frame , the KH freeride seat and moment cranks. Which is the best way to buy a Nimbus 24. You may have to call them up to get them to swap out the seat for a KH freeride (worth doing).