Torker 2005 catalog (who is the unicyclist)

the new 2005 Torker Catalog has added a couple of pictures of somone to its one page of featured unicycles…who is the rider?

my pictures are crap cause my camera was won in a raffle,sorry. one pic is him going off a stump the other as he’s riding on a log. in both pic’s the DX is eqiuiped with a 3.0 slick tyre ( one off thier line of crusiers no doubt) not the stock 2.3 Kenda K-Rad its sold with.




if anyone can take better shots, feel free.


There is a better picture of him here:

wow… looking at the torker site, they’re some pretty odd people…

they’re doing good things for unicycling though! Two of my freinds have become uni-converts, and both got torkers. So far the torkers have been plenty strong enough for them.

that “wild cherry” desktop is funny.

Re: Torker 2005 catalog (who is the unicyclist)

Who would ask a stupid question like that?

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yeah but, ah hmmmm? Now Its in the paper catalog so ah? it official :o

who is that kid? the photo’s look alot like Washington territory.