Torker 20" or Nimbus 20"

Folks, I have the option of acquiring a used Torker 20" for $75 total or a used Nimbus 20" (with Torker cranks) for $199.

Which is the better buy?

I am not sure which models they are, just know the make and tire size. The Torker is a street model, with smoother tire, and the Nimbus has the knobbier tires.


You don’t say what model Torker it is. Is it a CX, LX, or DX?

Have you explored the UDC (Nimbus) website to see what is offered, and the prices? I recommend doing that.

Are you a beginner or do you already know how to ride? If you’re new at this, and don’t know if you are going to like it or not, I usually advise people to by a cheap uni to learn on first. Then, if they like it, they can purchase a good one that fits their riding goals. (Tricks, muni, road riding, etc. These activities all have specific unicycles that do the job best.)

Good luck!

The listings don’t say anything about the models, just the brand and tire size.

I am a beginner, no unicycle experience whatsoever. There are cheap unicycles near me on CL, but they are, I believe, cheaper Chinese brands… Sun, Zephyr, and Savage brand. There was a Torker for $40 but it sold yesterday.

I’ve found some vintage older ones near me, but not sure how good they are for beginners. My fixed gear bike is custom, refinished 60s Falcon that works well, so wondering if the older uni would work too.

Contact the Torker seller and ask what model it is. Pass if it’s a CX. Go for it if it’s an LX. (Not likely to be a DX, but that would be a good one – that’s Torker’s muni offering, and is heavy-duty. And heavy.)
Suns are good unis, btw. So are Schwinns of any vintage (although seatpost height adjustment is limited).

Good luck! :slight_smile:

What about Columbia or Sears brand (vintage)?

No clue, really. Be careful about old stuff, though. You see a lot of ads for “vintage” unicycles for a lot of money that are basically crap. This is one market where old does not necessarily equal good or valuable.

The reality is, for 50 or 60 dollars you should be able to get a decent used 20" uni off of craigslist that’s good enough to learn on. Once you can ride, you will know a lot more about how to judge what you ultimately want to ride.

You can also get a new Torker LX, or similar, on ebay, for less than $200 shipped, and it will be a good uni to use to learn on, and to learn new skills later, for many years. Same applies to the Club series from I suggest you go with one of these for least risk of disappointment. The reality is, unicycling is a pretty inexpensive hobby to get into.

Good luck.

This is one of the Torkers I was talking about. It looks like a CX, and the poster said LX, but I highly doubt it.

Yes, it’s a CX.
Here’s a good deal:

Easy and Done.

Thanks Lance!

Columbia would qualify for vintage. Sears would generally qualify for sh*t.

Columbia would get you a steel frame that was made in the USA (almost unheard of these days), steel everything else, cottered cranks and a seat that doesn’t react well to being dropped. It’s vintage.

Sears sold various cheap-o unicycles back in the day, but all would be considered crappy compared to the Columbia. Some even had hard plastic tires, like a kid’s tricycle. Definitely not recommended.

Safe bet is stick with the Torker LX Lance posted?

There was also the Nimbus I originally posted about, but I don’t know what kind it is other than it’s the 20" one.

This is the Nimbus… it was painted over, had stickers added to it, and Torker cranks added.

That actually doesn’t look like a Nimbus to me. It could be a bunch of random parts that someone put together and called it a Nimbus because that’s what’s printed on the saddle. But I don’t know, the photo doesn’t give enough detail. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it, it’s not worth anything near $200.

Here’s another option, $130:
(The only negative about UDC is their shipping tends to be high. But maybe you live near them.)

150.77 total for the Club, with S/H to my zip… so the Torker would be cheaper in the long run

Depends? Are you going to just ride or going to do jumps/bumps/stunts? Get the nimubus which are usually $400 brand new. Biggest reason is the “splined” crank shaft assembly(known as isis…not the terrorists). I ride a torker with “stupid square” crank shafts or what they call cotterless. I’m learning to hop off curbs and I “know” they are not going to last. Counting my days before I get a real unicycle.

Also, keep in mind if you are an “absolute beginner” better get a tank. The greatest abuse and damage will happen to it. Not to mention a few “hammer tosses” if you are really super determined. I got sick/tired of my cranks loosening and even more frequently the stupid seat getting turned on the post. That green $50 chinese cheapie from amazon didn’t last me too long. The tire wore out like pencil erasers and the tube couldn’t hold air too well(didn’t matter how many tubes changes…the damn crappy spokes inside the rims could poke through kevlar. So I got a better “chinese cheapie” but it was 2x the cost. Still reasonable. Seems like at least they had engrs and quality control people making this product. Name was cooler, too. Torker LS. Had I known more about unicycles at the start(who woulda thought I could actually learn to ride?) this would have been the right one to start.

Also, once you progress beyond the 50ft(power balance) stage and start chasing efficiency on streets, grass, wherever…you need to find something even more rugged/serviceable/reliable. I’m thinking nimbus, hippo(if you are outside usa). Anyways, good luck/keep on…only buy “used” from someone you know. Keep on.

PS: just realized that’s not a real nimbus(torker cranks? seriously?) or a really old one before they fitted them all with isis(splined cranks).

Hard to be sure with a low resolution photo but I strongly suspect it is a Torker LX with a Nimbus double bolt seat post clamp.

The crown looks like a flattened tube. The saddle look like a Torker saddle. The wheel has 48 spokes.

Either way, there is no way it is worth anywhere near $200.

I ended up going with a new Torker LX.

I appreciate all the help!