Torker 20" LX advice!

Hey guys,
I am old to most of you as I am 38, but young at hart! Just ordered a Torker 20" Unistar LX. Just $100.00 so nothing overly costly but wondered what the most I can do with it is? Only straight riding? Any “bunny hop” activity? Just got this one to learn on and plan on getting a $500-$800 range “good” uni to go crazy on when I get to that point! I just hate to murder a good one learning! What do you “young blood” think? Not a grandpa yet!!!

mine has taken a lot of abuse. its pretty good

I go up and down stairs with mine and regularly do 1ft drops. Once you get better, you can switch out the tire for one a little fatter and knobbier that you can run at a lower pressure.

you cna do quite alot with a non splined uni…

basically all freestyle move, just not too much gapping, and keep the tyre pressure quite high, and dont do drops that are much over 1-2 feet. Mind you i did a 3 foot drop on a non splined uni and it was fine… but the cranks did break a little after that…

if it breaks its not exactly the end of the world, so try doign wotever u can do with it!

Since I am new I can ask dumb questions right? OK, What does “splined” mean? Thank you for all your help everyone!

There are too different categories for hubs. There are splined hubs and non-splined hubs. You will find splined hubs on most trials and Muni’s, and non splined ones on some cheaper begginer, cruising, and some freestyle unicycles. Splined hubs are A LOT stronger and allow you to do large drops and do hardcore trials. A uni with a non splined hub will break quickly if you start riding agresively and doing drops. So if you wanna learn to harcore stuff, get a splined hub in the future and if your lookin in the $500-$800 dollar range, get a profile hub (lifetime warranty) and it will never break on you.

Im not sure if the warrenty applies to unicycles anymore. Thats just what ive heard so just check before you buy. Otherwise the KH 20" is great its under $500 US and you can get them from just give him a call or an email saying you want the 2007 KH 20" uni and he’ll help you out.

well does bedford ship to the US. i use but thats probably because the main and only warehouse is located only 30 minutes from me. yah im pretty lucky becuase its the only store and the one that ships all the way around the world. so im lucky

Yeah, Bedford does ship to the US. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from him. It’s costing me about $27 USD, and it’ll take about 2 weeks. So, that’s not a lot different than UDC (probably better, actually), because the US dollar is so much stronger than the Canadian dollar right now, and I’m probably closer to Ontario than Florida… So is unicycling like super popular where you live since you’re so close to UDC store? Can you even buy stuff from there?

no you can’t
trials tires are all 19" and the LX is 20".

splined is much stronger, you will know when you need one, as your cotterless cranks(square taper) will break or bend.

But there are some fatter BMX tires available (the ruben from fly tires is on my kid’s old beater 20" right now, and while it doesn’t have the volume of a trials tire, it’s a lot better than most 20" tires. I think it’s 2.25 width.

The LX is pretty strong, so depending on how heavy the original poster is, it could last him quite a while before the need for an upgrade.

I would say the biggest tired you could fit on a LX is a 20 x 2.125. There is so little clearance to the crown that a knobby would definately rub. Oh, and I’m also within a half hour of the warehouse, but sadly I don’t see an impact on the local. It definately isn’t popular, I wish it were though. enjoy your LX man!

the lx is pretty good. i did some drops and rough stuff before i got a kh 24. put a bigger tire on it and it should be better

Heres’ the scoop guys! I decided to go with theTorker DX 07 and get into the woods so I will cancel the LX order. I just wonder if I should go with the 20" or the 24"? I am new but want to hit this hard. I am just under 6" and weigh 175 lbs. if that is a big factor. What do you think? I will buy based on your thoughts and experiences here. I can’t wait to get going. Thanks

I tried MUni on my 20" DX, but found it much easier and more enjoyable on the 24" I have. The 24" isn’t going to be heavier and less maneuverable for trials and things like that, but if you are riding in the woods alot I would go for the 24" without a doubt. You won’t regret it when you don’t have to worry as much about roots and rocks.

My son has a Maxxis Max Daddy 20x2.3 on his. Works great, clearance is fine and for his 65 pounds, it bounces great and he will tear up the trail on it too.

If you’re primarily going to be in the woods riding muni, buy the 24–no question. But if you want to be in the woods hopping around on natural obstacles like logs and rocks, the 20 will suit you. My primary riding buddy and I play around with trials-type stuff (we suck, but have a lot of fun) and we both have 24" munis. If you’re not going hard-core for the trials stuff, a 24 is a good compromise–great on the trails, and good for having fun on trials obstacles.

Update: I called to cancel my LX order but they had already shipped it so I decided to learn on it and order a 24" DX in the spring to head out to the trails and woods without being totally suicidle! The bonus is to have an extra unicycle in case I find someone who is interested and could then have a riding buddy. Thanks for all the great advice everyone and Rock On!!! After my first hour of “riding” my new unicylce, I can only go (without being graceful I might add) 6’ or so but love it through the pain! I have a new respect for you guys as I watch your videos!!! WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!
Thanks again,
Dale Orthman

Yeah dude, it is gonna be much easier to learn on the LX than the DX. The tire offers less resistance when turning and will roll easier to prevent stalling. And again, if you are just doing cross country riding on hardpack trails, the LX will do you fine. Once you start on loose terrain or wanna do more jumping/drops, your gonna want the DX. It will put more tread on the ground and the higher volume tire will absorb drops, roots, and things of that nature better. Oh, and it is obviously a great deal stronger.

You’re 6 inches? Don’t you mean that you are 6’ instead of 6"? Anyway, in the case of midsized tires, bigger is better. Smaller means that you have to pedal faster to get to same speed as a bigger wheel one. That’s why the penny farthing has such a big front wheel. It’s all about efficiency, man.