Torker 20-inch Kangaroo???

I don’t get it…

I was crusing around and I came across this little gem:

What’s the difference between this and any other torker which has been assembled with cranks in a similar configuration?

By the way, it’s also black!!


Nope, not black. I wrote to and asked if the black components pictured on the Torker kangaroo could be put on a normal torker. The guy said that it’s not actually black, just a reflection on the chrome. So it’s not black. It really does look black, though! They should get a new picture! That one is quite misleading.


There is no difference at all between this and a regular torker. I guess you could say it is for REALLY lazy people.

It’s also a great marketing ploy :slight_smile: Not everyone who browses have heard of kangaroos.