Does anybody know if there will be a Toque next year or sometime shortly? I’m really interested in doing anything possible to make this happen (even if it’s as small as buying a ticket, which really isn’t a sacrifice, haha). How many unicyclists would go? Would any of you help out if possible? (Show up a day or two early for set-up, stay a day or two late for clean up)? I really want to see this happen again. I, sadly, did not get an oportunity to go to the last one, and when prepared last year it didn’t happen. I believe there would be a big turnout if this happened again.

-Shaun Johanneson

if there was going to be one I would be willing to help with it. toronto isn’t to far away from me, its just trying to convince my mom to let me go for a few days :roll_eyes:

I would probably go, and my brother

I really really want to go! I’ve NEVER gone to a unicycling event/competition/jam/get-together. And since Toronto is around 4 hours away, Toque would be a perfect first event for me to make it to.

Depending on what my Spring Break schedule looks like I may or may not be able to help out, after the event. I probably could go a few days early to help set-up, or whatever was needed that I’d be able to tend to.

Me and my brother would come up to it.

it depends when and where it is if its close ish to boston or providence i dont drive and so its dificult for me to get far more than 100 miles to go to something

i’d go

id go and primus its in toronto…

I AM GOING!!(if it happends)

I would go for sure. The last TOque was by far my favorite uni-event.

I live 20 minutes away from Toronto so I would definately want to attend. I wouldn’t mind helping set up and clean up if it meant that this event would be held. I heard that this event was cancelled when on their website due to lack of space in the building.

I think that a fundraiser should be held to try and allow a spot for unicyclists. We could go out and perform for money or like have a BBQ or just anything that will earn some money for this cause.:smiley:

I really want to attend because it would be my first unicycling event that I would 've ever attended. :astonished:

I would make an attempt to go. California is pretty far away from Toronto…

id try to go. probably a 5-6 hour drive for me. From old video clips, it looks like it would be a lot of fun.

Maybe you could win another KH trials uni!

well then some e-mail the ppl who made TOque happen all these other years and who knows ?

dang! beat me to it!

id go if there was more emphasis on freestyle…if so id buy a ticket and go up for real. its all trials which doesnt interest me.

Aw yes, I think I will take home my third free KH trials,ha.

I wouldn’t miss it for anything (well maybe some things but therea ren’t many)

Any info on this yet??