Well, i’ve kind of been waiting for someone else to do it, but i guess i will have to. This is a post telling about the success that was the TOque games.

I think the way that we should do this, is that everyone can write up their experience for a seperate day. This way, we’ll get to see other people’s perspective on the whole event.
I’ll Start…

It all started on Thurday. I showed up at around 12:00 to help set-up, and what not, with my trailer loaded with freshly-built trials obstacles, and Tugboat (he was staying with me). We got there a little bit after the large truck full of Darren’s trials stuff got there, and we unloaded all the obstacles, and brought them over to our little area, and put them together. This took quite a while. We all put the stuff together, ordered Pizza, and chilled. then Jeff had to go pick up Jack from the airport. Ben Tugboat (kevin) and I all went on a little ride, which was most awesome. then Jack and Jeff got back, and we chilled out for a while longer. I landed a 97cm sidehop onto the trunk of the car, which was “wicked cool” and we pretty much just chilled out for the rest of the day. Jeff drove Kevin and I to Union Station, and we took the GO train back to house. Then Callan, Norm and James arrived. We watched “Strange Brew” (best movie ever), and then went to bed.

Now it’s someone else’s turn to step up, and tell their TOque experience for Friday!


i’ll take friday. i had gotten there on wednesday, and spent the night at ryans, and then did essentially the same stuff as ryan on thursday (see above). Then friday came along, and the actual event was to begin. it was my first one ever, so i was pretty excited. ryan was supposed to do this thing for tv that morning at 8:45 am, so ryan, me, james, callan, and norm all got up at like 6am to drive into toronto. unfortunately traffic was bad, and we didnt get there in time for it. so it was a useless early-awakening. we decided to take a walk around the show, and we stopped by the norco demo area where i finally met the famed kris holm. that was pretty cool, and hes a really nice guy.

so we just chilled for a while i think and then the high jump competition came along. kris went first, and i believe he went out at about 75cm. we were all pretty disappointed that he went out so early, but oh well. i think ryan was next, and he made it to 86 before taking a break. the beginners then went. it was good to see the beginners doing the high jump and getting excited over what was probably some of their biggest hops ever. me and austin (hes 14, and relaly good) decided to go next along with some other experts. i got around 50cm before i went out. i was making it over, but my foot was falling off my plastic pedal. then ryan and callan battled it out for 1st and 2nd. ryan ended up with 89 cm i think, and callan with 86 maybe? im not toally sure on those. congrats to them for getting so high though.

after that, i think a bunch of us went for a ride. yeah, it was on friday. maybe 20 of us went around doing some trials and street. i began by trying to hop an 8 set that was very long. several others tried it with me. i dont think any of us landed it, and ben broke his rim trying it. me and ryan hit this 4 stair rail with a kink at the bottom and then i decided to try an 8 set rail. i must have tried abot 10 times, and eventually the old body (16 at the time… 17 now) couldnt take any more of it, so i gave up. we proceeded to ride around for a while, and we eventusally returned to the venue for the long jump. the beginners went first. im not sure who won but i think the length was about 5 feet 4 inches. it was too late for the experts to go, so the event closed for the day.

everyone then went over to jeff groves house for some chili and just to hang out. that was an awesome time, and thanks a lot to the groves for opening their home to everyone. i think thats it that happened on friday for me. it was an awesome day other than some of the pain and cuts and stuff from the 8 set rail. but oh well. good day.

someone can now take saturday with the trials and stuff.

Kevin James McMullin

Me and my dads flight came in at around 4:00 AM on friday after leaving from Calgary pulling the “red eye”, it was kinda harsh that we got hardly any sleep but we checked into are hotel and slept till 8:00 so it wasent too bad.

We got ready and headed out to the show, we took a cab from the Four Points Lakeshore and then took a loop around the building trying to find the competitors entrance, but came to the conclusion that it didnt exist and bought two three day passes for the bike show soon to find out that we didnt need to!

As i stepped through the entrance to the show i was totally shocked by how awesome it looked! I walked over to the uni area and it looked pretty sweet, so i decided to bring out the uni and do some riding. The car was by far the best line i could find, it was so fun!

Then the day went by with the high jump and long jump and it was pretty cool. Me and Kevin got 50 at the high jump, and i dont remember what i got at the long jump. it was a pretty awesome day.

The Trials comp was totally fun too. and the UMX was pretty cool except for the snow, but overall TOque was sweet and ill totally be there next year!

thanks alot to everyone who helped out at the games it was AWESOME!

Austin Hamer

wow! it sounded like a great time! congrats on the 97cm hop ryan, and on all the sweet stuff you do tugboat, and on your 50cm hop, austin. makes me even more sad i couldnt come… but i was home for spring break and i got to ride with the whole Hell on Wheel Gang! I got my highest hop yet, about 73cm onto a picnic table, and i finished a lot of natural lines that i couldnt do last time i was home, so i was happy:D . hopefully i will be there next year.

oh yeah, i borrowed my friend’s copy of U2 (why i dont have one yet is a long story) and we watched it almost 10 times. so amazing…

Well, my dad and I drove down from montreal on Friday and then went straight to the games. I was surprised at how many people where there…anyhow, I met loads of other unicyclists that day, including the quebec unicyclists that told me they’ll be organising some comps. of their own…replaced my twisted cranks by other cranks that are now once again twisted…After a long day of mindless hopping, my dad and I went to get some sushi at sushi man’s sushi-bar…yummy…

Saturday was pretty crazy, but as lots of people may have noticed, I seriously need more practise!..had lot’s of fun though…Next year’ll be different, I’ll have had a whole summer to get back into the swing of things and, hopefully, get a crank-set that quits dying on me! Overall I had a great time and my dad, after seeing the sport side of unicycling is gonna help me set up a course in the yard for this summer…

Sunday was odd… it was much quieter… less people I guess…
the umx was pretty wet…and then I came back to the expo and messed around on the course…

it was, by far the greatest uni-weekend EVER!!!

I’ll be back next year…


Toque was fantastic this year.

For the trials event there wasn’t much space, but by running the beginner, sport and expert categories at separate times, and also holding two riding sessions Sat night and Sun morning, it worked out really well.

The Toronto riders pre-built some really interesting stuff to ride, and we also had an old car to ride on which is always fun.

The Expert comp was super close! Ryan, Ben, Joey and I did most problems, and right before the end I was ahead by one last problem (although I think Ryan had an easier time with some of the other hard ones).

This last problem was super cool. Ryan built four 4x4 vertical posts in a box, each with increasing height. You had to get to rubber on 3 posts for the U6 version, and to all 4 posts for the U8 version.

The comp ended at 11:00AM. Ryan tried a bunch of times, over and over, and eventually succeeded, making it tied at 10:59 and 40 seconds! We picked a new, long section for a tiebreaker and Ryan cruised through it (I messed up on the first part of it), so Ryan ended up with the win.

Congrats to everone in Toronto for putting on such a great event, and for handing out some great prizes. The ceramic medals were particularly cool.

A couple of things that I think we learned for future trials comps:

  1. If space is lacking, it works just fine to run separate competition time periods for beginner, sport and expert categories.
  2. Even if this isn’t done, it could work to only require the Expert category to ride, say, only sections U3 and harder (ie it would be assumed that if they are doing all the U4 and harder problems they would cruise all the other ones anyway). This would save space and time too. Beginner and Sport Classes could ride anything (ie no upper time limit on the problems they could try).
  3. Having the tied riders pick their own tiebreaking method works well.
  4. Self-judging works really well- there was no real need to have external judges which means that fewer volunteers are needed.

Kris Holm.

Just out of curiosity, how far were the posts from each other and what was the height difference?

Here’s a picture:

The hard part was changing direction between posts. The easiest way to do it was to pedal grab the 2nd and 3rd posts in turn, so you could get set up for the direction change.


Toque trip!

Hi all,

I would like to thank everyone who participated at and/or planned the Toque Games 2004. It was an awesome weekend!!

I’m gonna give you a little summary of our trip from Quebec city, just to influence those who didn’t came, to plan a trip for the Toque 2005 right now!

After only a 10 hour drive, we arrived at Toronto at 2:00. Then a quick look at the cheap place where we stayed, and we went for a ride to the Trade Center cause the weather was sooo great (the 13 degrees felt like 20 for us)!
Toronto is a pretty cool place to ride trails, I wonder if the Toronto unicyclists agree with me on that?

After some trials filming and chilling, we finally arrived at The place. Our first contact with other unicyclist was at the entrance door where a group of trials rider were going for some street stuff to play with. (By the last posts, it must have been Kevin and the others.) I would have really liked to ride with them but we just rode trials for an hour on our way. And we were dying to see the course.

After talking a little with Carl (it has been like 3 years that I haven’t talked english, so it was not that easy) We started to ride a little on the different setup. It was really fun to see other home-made obstacles than ours, like exploring new ideas about trials unicycling. I can say that a car is a must for a competition!!!

The competitions were a lot of fun. The trials setup were fitted for the categories so everybody could ride the most. I really enjoyed the attitude of everyone about the sport: cool and enthousiast!!
It was really something to see Ryan, Kris and all the top rider going through the hardest sections like the 4X4s pyramid and the rail-to-rail hop!
I would’ve liked to ride in the expert class though to try other challenging lines, but also because there were so many riders in sport, that it was difficult to clean a section without “dabbing” on someone…But I know that you guys at Toronto did all you could for us against the bike show promoter. Thank you all.

The UMX event was a really good compromise. At the semi-finals, I wished i had put my studed Duro because the snow moved the competition to another dimension. You could really told who was the fittest! I was very lucky to ride in the final heat!

It’s too bad we couldn’t go back to the trade center after the UMX, because of the drive home and stuff.
Next year I’m sure not gonna miss that.

I’m still waiting for the final results of the competitions, and to see
if Carl is gonna send me some trophies :wink:

See you next time, and I’ll keep all of you informed about the events we’re planning to do at the Ste-Anne MTBWorldCup in late june!

Vincent Lemay

Well, the results are up! and CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and the runner-uppers!

and for the loosers (such as I) don’t worry, you’ll have a whole summer to practise and you’ll do much better next year…(as long as you practise…)

By the way, is Jeff gonna post the video he was making with his super high tech camera?

Is anyone gonna post their videos?