TOque trials classes

Ok, so it looks like I’m deffenatlly going to toronto for TOque.

I need to get the pre registration form in by monday, but I dont know what class I should put down. I’m deffenatlly not the best tirals rider out there seeing as I’ve only been riding (more than straight) since june.

I was wondering what the difference is going to be in the classes.

I’m currently torn between riding Expert Class or Sport Class.

Can anyone help me out?



I was met with a similar dilemma.

I’ve only been riding since October and I’ll only have been doing “real” trials (with my 24" MUni as opposed to my 20" Freestyle) since tomorrow. I put myself down for beginner.

A quick email to Carl mightn’t be the worst idea, and if nothing else you can most likely change your category when you get there (upon realising that “expert” means “l33t uni-ninja” and “beginner” means “can wash unicycle with much honour”). If all else fails, I’m sure you’ll kick my ass (so you won’t be last :)).


If you’re not sure, select the Sport class. The classes are mainly for seperating the prizes & awards.

For the trials comp everyone will have the opportunity to attempt the same problems as everyone else, so during the actual event their will be no segregation.

For the UMX comp it’ll be different. The sport and expert competitors will only race against themselves.

If you get to the event and feel you’ve entered in the wrong class just let me know and I’ll change it … providing you approach me before the competition starts.