TOque Pictures

Here are some photos that my mom or I took yesterday (March 4th) day one of TOque. Captions and day two pictures will be up tonight.

thats great, with so many pics I feel like I was there.

I put captions up for most of the pictures. If one says “Name?” or doesnt have a caption feel free to tell me who it is in the comment and I will change it. I couldent upload todays pictures because the batteries were dead.

ughs those bright yellow shorts make my butt look big!

great pictures! unfortunatly my camera battaries died the second i turned it on yesterday. i got some good pictures today that i’m going to work on putting online. maybe i can figure out if new-ish users can upload gallaries here yet or not.

Good pix, thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

hey KC that rock paper scissors was intense, sorry it had to end that way…i really do think we should have done a jump off.

Budd White

Ya, But my legs just dident have any more jump left in them so I though I would have a better chance with the RPS, Oh well.

P.S. I am working on getting the rest of the pictures up now.

All of my pictures are finally up, after many technical difficulties.
About 380 total.

Captions comming soon, feel free to add comments to the pictures.

What? Was the whole event nothing but trials? I didn’t even see any street or MUni type stuff in there, let alone freestyle riding.

OR VIDEOS!!! lol

so what was the highest high jump at the event

There was all of this going on. During the UMX (muni) my mom was video taping and only got a few shots. (You can tell if i took a picture or if my mom did by if me or my brother are in the picture) There was some amazing freestyle being done during the demos (Stuff as advanced as stand up coasting). Many people would work on free style skills when the trials course was closed. (I got backwards 1 ft down alright and managed to stand up wheel walk 15 ft) Dan was doing some cool freestyle/street stuff i had never seen befor and Jack was also doing a lot of cool freestyle stuff.

As for street, there were some group street rides, but there weren’t many good locations.

But yes, TOque is mainly a trials event.

Just because there aren’t pictures of something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

SWEEEEEEEEET! I’m in there!

Thanks K-C!

oh and damn…that uni looks huge in one of the pictures…what gives?

What? You mean Bryans?

your Bro’s new Kh 2005

man you must be one jealous suckah!

It might look bigger because the post is not cut,
Darren cut the post down for him as seen here…(note the pipe cutter)

and today we cut the seat like Ryan’s…Oh and I am not jealous…

P.S. Ya it does look strangly large in that pic, even if the seat was cut then.

Yeah Kayc,
Sweet pics, there are a few good ones of me in there, haha. Just by trying to upload mine I understand how much work it is. Do you do them one by one? If not how? How many medals did you end up with? Three? Four?

It was the time of my life, seriously. I will definitely be there in years to come. I won the intermediate trials which I was stoked about. I got a medal, and a hat and a tire in the draw which someone else can explain. I was the first in my class to do the box line and as far as I know, (you had to jump into a box then out the other side), and the only one to do the end to end car line I think. You pedal grabbed from a small ramp onto the back of the trunk but the trunk was so slick it was impossible to get a grip, everyone just kept sliding off, haha. If anyone was wondering why I was hammering the car with my uni it was to try and rough up the surface a little for grip, it didn’t really work though. I was amazed I got 65 cm in high jump, 2.5 cm short of my record onto an object. It was my first time jumping a bar. I missed my first two attempts at 70 on the first day of high jump and had to do my last the next day which I missed horribly because I wasn’t warmed up or in the zone anymore. Long jump I got 150 cm in the comp but 155 afterwards, I’ve never measured that kind of thing before so I don’t know if that was good for me or not. I was blown away in the UMX. First real time on a 24, which I borrowed from a very nice guy (name?) that had the seat to high for me. It was my first time in real snow too, and I kept trying to put my weight on the pedals which was totally wrong, and I kept spinning out. Didn’t hear the results for that but I was last in the first round heat. I got 360 uni-spins down, now working on 540’s, 180’d a five set, did nine backwards, and almost cleared a seven before almost taking out an old man.

Some of the craziest things I saw would have been Zack’s about 30", pedal to pedal grab from the side of a spool to the four foot platform, Ryan’s near BC wheel plate grab to the trunk of the car, about 3 feet. I never saw him land it but I saw him come close, plus it was right before I was leaving so he could have made it after. He made the height with ease. And finally in the best trick comp, Ryan’s 6 foot drop to the metal pole skinny, shattering the spool it was supported by. That was nuts.

A couple of us went for a short ride outside the venue on a couple sets, which was pretty sweet and then everyone came out and it was ok but not as great. Next year we should plan for a street ride like out on the town.

I met a lot of really cool people too. Brian, Mike, Justin, Owen, Anthony (best accent I have ever heard), Kevin, Jess, Kaycee, Guillaume (pronounced Giome), Ben, Phil, Angela, Carl, Sara, plus a host of others.

Brock I got some vid of the higher part of the high jump, one of the demo’s (but it was a bad one, sloppy compared to the others), and almost the entire Ryan Leech demo for my brother.

The highest in the high jump was Ryan with 92 cm, I believe, and Evan there was like 10 different events/categories so it isn’t a given who won.

The batteries died in my camera so I only got like ten up and they are mostly from the plane. But I got like a hundred to go.

Angela and Kaycee, can i put some of your photo’s of me in my gallery? I will credit you and put links to your respective galleries.

It was sweet,

Edit: Hey Kevin if you are ever in Nova Scotia I wouldn’t mind going for a ride send me an e-mail or something.


Actually if anyone comes to Nova Scotia I’ll ride. That was my first time riding with anyone else before.

PS. I was jealous, just a little. He got my vote.

how can you NOT be jealous?

I know I am just looking at it.

Yeah, that’s the pic…it looks so huge in it.

Great summary of some of the highlights David. You did awesome in the trials event! How many lines did you clear, I got 6.
“can i put some of your photo’s of me in my gallery? I will credit you and put links to your respective galleries.” Sure!

"how can you NOT be jealous? " Note the …'s and the pic of me looking at it funny.

Rember, if you see a picture of you or someone you know, just put the name in the comment, this will help prevent me miss spellings and I can just copy and paste:D

Next year, is gonna be awesome.

hahaha yeah…it must’ve smelled like fritoes casue you’re looking at it with a hungry stare!