TOQUE photos

Here are some photos of the Toque Games – sorry that I don’t have some of everyone. There were over 50 competitors!

Thanks to everyone for coming and making it such a fun event – it was great to meet so many unicyclists I’d not met before, as well as to hang out with friends again. Thanks to Carl for organizing it!

I’m intending to make a video of the entire event so I’ll keep you posted on its progress.

I’ve also put a couple of photos of the super-cool t-shirts (for sale very reasonably from The Dan himself), and the also cool Jack shirts (complete with the actual Jack) (These are for sale from Darren Bedford)


hey jeff. awesome pictures. hopefully i’ll get my editing program soon so i can post some of my pictues, and get my footy to you too for your video. i watched it and it looks pretty good. see ya, Kevin

If I get around to it, I should have some to post as well. (aka, someone remind me).

Thanks for posting the photos. I was not able to be there, but I now was able to at least see some of it.

Nice job, Jeff.

Great photo’s Jeff! Thanks.

Can’t wait to see the video footage…

  • James