TOque photos by a local pro

One of the former memebers of the Toronto Unicyclists had a friend with him at the TOque games and he took lots of pictures.

Check them out at this link:

There are great shots of Ryan, Zack, Jess and others.

He doesn’t unicycle or check this forum so please post your comments on the photo’s here and I will pass them on to him. Hopefully he will take some more again next year. Your comments may help in getting him out.


sweet pic’s Darren! thanks alot.


I didn´t like the blurriness of practicaly all the pix indoors. They would have been great if they were more sharp…

sometimes bluriness makes the picture look better. but for most of them ya i think he could have used a faster shutter, but some of them looked pretty good :slight_smile:

nice pics!
a bit blurry, but cool still

i liked the pics. it’s definately cool to see pictures that wern’t taken by me! (i’m sick of seeing my own pictures after a while)

Nice pictures, a little blurry, but I can still see whats happening.