TOque 2007?

What are the chances of a TOque happening in march this year?

I really hope it’s good chances Brian. Would you be going? It would be killer to meet you man. We’ll sess backcranks. haha.

-Shaun Johanneson

O man I would love for there to be a toque. Who organized it last time? I know it didn’t happen last year, but I remember them saying they hoped to have one this year.

During the Toronto weekend I know Darren mentioned the BC wheel Championships being held at some point in the coming summer, but he never mentioned Touque. He also mentioned that it takes about a year to plan out an event like the BC event, and I assume that kind of planning would go into Touque aswell, so if it is being planned it will probably be a definite thing… if its happening.

I would definately go to Toque. Let us all know whats what and we will round everyone up.

The BC wheel championship thing would be cool

Any more info?? i am going to the bike show on the saturday, so it would be amazing if it was on march 3rd…

bc wheel championship or British columbia wheel championship?

where is Toque?

TOque=Toronto Quixotic Unicycle Event… guess where.

I’d go if my class schedule allows, and I’m pretty sure Ben Plotkin-Swing would be in, however neither of us have seen much evidence of concrete TOque plans. I doubt it’ll happen.