Toque 2005?

I know its pretty early but does any one know any details on the Toque games. Particularily when and where they are. Also who’s going. I’m gonna try and get there but I gotta start planning now if I want to at all.



Do you mean you’re going? Thats an even bigger trip then mine.


I am going to try to make it this year. I think it’s about a 10 hour drive.

i am going to try and go

The TOque Games are going to be held from March 4 - 6, 2005 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I’m still working out some of the details, but the vast majority of information will be available at shortly.

Hope to see you come out. It’s going to be an awesome super groovy weekend.


Yeah im hoping i can make it too.



Can anyone read German? I did a search and there is a thread in that forum (Deutches Einrad or something) but I don’t have a clue as to what it says.


The post in the Deutsches Einradforum was started by Moritz Hahn who was looking for other European riders to join him in coming to the TOque Games.


I’m holding you to this

I’m going to film the whole event (if I can make it for the whole thing) and provide the full video online

Only reason I’m passing spanish.

Wow, California and Europe. This is going to be pretty big. How many are you expecting (or hoping) or is it still too early.


Boy i wish i could go.

I sure hope they plan for lots of unicyclists being there this year


I am gonna try and make it to Toque. I still have to decide between that and Moab, though…

Easy choice… go to both. :wink:

What is Toque 2005 for those of us too new to the sport to know? I already know what goes down at Moab and hope to be able to make it next time there is an event there.

The TOque Games is largly a trials event which spans an entire weekend and takes place in conjunction with the Toronto International Bike Show. It was first held in 2003 with about 25 people. I am expecting 70 - 80 competitors to attend the 2005 event.

In addition to the trials competition the TOque games also has 3 other events … UMX (uni-cross), Long Jump and High Jump.

The websites for the previous games can be found here, which should give you a better idea of what to expect:

Details for the 2005 games will be available shortly at:


Gerbil, go to TOque.