TOque 2005 Pictures! All 159 of them!!

I’m a shutterbug. I’ll gladly admit it. Sadly, because I was entered in the beginner categories, I wasn’t also taking pictures!! Therefore I only have 159 pictures to share with all of you from Saturday and Sunday (Battaries died on Friday)

Still. 159 pictures is a lot for 2 days worth of shooting!

You’ll have to tilt your head for a few, I havn’t had time to rotate the pictures, but I will soon! Like after I finish school! (another few weeks)


And I would like to thank everyone who put in all their effort to making it such a kick(butt) event!! I’m still wearing my hoodie. Whee!

i think this is ryan jumping over 3 of us…?

did Zack get 1st???

Zack took first in one catagory i know of, i’m not sure if i am supposed to give away all the results i can remeber so i wont. be patient and wait for Carl Hoyer to announce them.

i can say meeting everyone at TOque was one amazing experience. met so many amazing riders and people! i hope i will see you all again very soon!

perhaps there should be a TOQUE memories thread in general discussion… or maybe its more of a what happened at TOQUE stays at TOQUE?

its kinda a give-away, cause ben, ryan and zack are in the pic.

hookboy: it should be… no one else was jumping over people. that might have been when ryan nicked you too.

the look on sarah’s face! hahaha!

and to everyone, i’m sorry i goofed! i was in a rush to upload the gallery so everyone could see, and didn’t even look to see that i had my little © in the middle of the picture (on my own computer i have it default to the bottom right!)

i’ll fix it soon and re-load them.

my favourite is the one I got of dan heaton doing the highjump. because i actually got him over the bar, and the best is in the bottom right corner, is someone’s screen from their camcorder. whoo! picture in picture!


videos are going to have to wait until the next DVD comes out, lest I get sued by jeff and dan for taping inside the competition area, or by the union people who “own” the building for broadcasting more than 2 minutes worth!!

or you’ll just have to wait til i get my computer back up and running!

Thanks for all the pictures. When am I going to get to meet all these people? :slight_smile: Maybe when Unicon comes to Australia in 2010. :wink: This obstacle - - is beautiful! Who built it? Did it hold up well to all the abuse? Did anyone clean the line (posts only)? Did anyone clean it without pedal grabs? I love that sort of trials line…awesome stuff!


I agree, when I saw it I Thought “Wouaouh… we need such an obstacle for our future trial uni park”
d’you think you could clear it Andrew? I’m sure you can;)

Hey andrew.

Ryan is the one who designed it, and I think just everyone from the Toronto Unicyclists helped build it. Ryan was also the only person to clear all 6 poles, and it took him over an hour and a half to do it.

Zac probably could have cleared it too, he was doing just as well as Ryan, but they ran out of time.

Thanks for posting all the pictures! As for winners, I seemed to notice Zack in one of the side positions in at least two shots. But I can’t tell if the trunk is second place, or the hood? I assume the roof (Ryan) is first place. Congratulations to all you sick Trials riders! Wish I could have been there too.

Cool pictures,
The roof is first the trunk is second and the hood is third.
Here is one of the pics I took of the trials results. (The hood is lower than the trunk)

I have captions for the results pics, so right now my gallery its the only way to find out the results…hehehe!

there was a high jump contest i believe right? if so anybody know what the highest was?

I belive it was 92 cm done by Ryan.

I think Zack almost got 90 but his pedal kept hitting on the way down, not sure though.

so what would that be in inches? like 30ish?

its actually 36 according to this conversion website so correct me if im wrong.:slight_smile: