How much better/stronger is a Koxx devil than a Nimbus trials with moments?

The frames look the same, the cranks seem pretty similar, the nimbus has an undrilled rim meaning heavier but stronger.

So, my question is, is the Koxx One really superior or is it the Koxx effect?

the nimbus is way better than the koxx.

The Koxx may look better… but the Nimbus with Moments is stronger.
The Devil frame is just crap… i saw so many of them break, even by 13 year old kids.

I’ve ridden both unis. I do prefer the feel of my nimbus with moments and KH street saddle to my friends koxx-one devil but this is probably because I’m used to it as much as anything.

The major differences in feel are the tyre, cranks and seat. I prefer the maxxis CC to the try all, I prefer moments to the k1 cranks (probably coz I’m used to them). Moments have more Q factor, are probably stronger, are heavier. I don’t like koxx or nimbus seats but both are probably pretty similar, KH is best. The nimbus seatpost is reinforced and the koxx isn’t (I don’t think).

So, yes, when you buy a koxx you’re paying for the brand and the colours. Even the high end koxx stuff seems to be overpriced. Nimbus FTW.

Nimbus. Koxx frame welds suck ass, go with the nimbus. With the money you save, get some parts powdercoated or a CF base. I don’t like having penis written all over my uni:) .

then why didn’t you put that as the thread title? you’ll get a lot more useful information and piss people off that way

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Permission to Sigg that?

Id say nimbus and upgrade to qu-ax cranks, is your best best.

On the other hand, for U.S riders, with the state of the dollar and high prices of shipping, there is a pretty good chance you may not see Koxx Unicycles for the price they are at now, again. So investment wise, I would say its a better time than any to get a tryall tire(IMO) the best tire available, and a K1 wheelset. Who knows what the currency rates will do, but if you look at what the K1 unis should be at and what they are from renegade you will see that its like you are saving 150 dollars per devil.


Almost al K1 frames are weak: bad weldings or wrong design. (still need to crack my XTP though)
As for hub and cranks: they are supposed to be not ISIS, but I don’t care.
Atleast my K1 hubflanges don’t bend like the KH, and cranks are way lighter then the Moment cranks.
Rims are OK I geuss, since you can decide between drilled and undrilled.
K1 also have many colour choises, wich is cool.
Mayor thing that needs fixing about K1: management.
Enough said, GO RIDE :wink:

Peter M

It’s not only Koxx that are really cheap in the US because of the low US dollar. Look at the price of the nimbus compared to in Europe, England and New Zealand.

And even with high shipping rates and whatever else, K1 unis are still a rip off. And about the try-all, it’s not a fact that it’s “the best tyre available”. Many people I know prefer the Maxxis CC or Monty tyre.

Your confusing what I said. I was not referring to the cost of k1 unis in the US for other countries. Its not that K1 unis are cheap in the US cause the dollar is weak. They are pretty much the same price that they have always been. However if you convert the 350 Euros a Devil cost to USD now, it comes out to about $550. The Devils that Renegade have, they bought when the dollar was worth more, and are selling them for $400. U.S riders may never see a 400 dollar K1 again… Lets hope this is not the case, but who knows. I cant imagine paying 160 for a pair of street cranks. I was making the point that when and “IF” a renegade can afford to restock K1 unis and parts, the prices may go up.

Also(pertaining to what you said):
Right now is a good time for other countries, especially European countries, to buy US products, assuming their savings aren’t lost in shipping.

Those are two different situations, both linking to the currently weak Dollar.

Huh? is that supposed to be a good thing?

I dont think so. Are you saying this is Fact? Whats not good, the frames are supposedly weak? They will replace a broken frame. As far as I know there was a bad batch of Devil frames at one point, I have not heard of any problems from any riders in the US or anywhere else, in quite a while, for that matter. I have seen one pic of a broken frame and I am sure Koxx dealt with it. Note I am not saying there haven’t been more problems, just that should not be considered an issue, and does not give you right to go around slandering one of the leading uni companies.

I happen to really Like K1 products. I think what they are doing for the unicycle industry is awesome, and there is no reason to call their product a rip off. If someone wants to pay a bit more for fancy colors and sweet items, let them. Its not a rip off its a choice. A good portion of the best riders in the world are ridding Koxx-One unicycles. They perform well, and the company backs its products.

Extreme unicycle is still pretty young, when ever there is innovation it takes time to get new ideas just exactly right. I am glad there are companies willing to push the limits of parts and materials to give riders high end parts and multiple options for what features they want their uni to have.

And about this, haha. 1. I used the IMO(in my opinion) for a reason. Of course not everyone is gonna have the same opinion as me about tires. I never clammed it was a fact. 2. I believe many more riders like the Tryall sticky over a CC, I am not saying no one like the CC because I know people do, just that more like the Tryall and will say it is a better performing tire. 3. It is FACT that the CC is a flawed tire and was claimed to be too unpredictable by the designer himself.

You realy should try the Monty Eagle Claw: it’s basicly a upgraded CC with all the flaws removed.

Peter M

Good write up, and I agree.

Yea, I would like to try one. I bet it is awesome for natural stuff.
Ive been ridding a slick tire a lot lately… I really like a slick Luna much more than a slick tryall. So I might be looking into other tires besides the tryall for when I want grip. If I don’t go with the oh so cheap Luna, it will be a Monty.

And about this, haha. 1. I used the IMO

Oops, didn’t see it. My bad.

But basically this is how I’d some it up: Buy a koxx if the try-all is your favourite tyre, if you want the best tubular cranks around, or if you like the colour.

Yeah or you could buy a K1 because there awesome uni’s. Their strong as hell and look cool. Honestly how can you go wrong with that combination?

And how does,“buy it if you like try-all tires” make sense? You do know you can buy tires seperatley right?

Yeah but if you read the first post you’ll see we’re discussing price since the two unis are pretty similar quality. Try-all’s are expensive by themselves so you will save money by buying a koxx because the price of the try-all is included.

meh, I really want to try a Monty Eagle Claw if I can find one.

Anyone know how to get one?