Well Ive got just a standard chrome 24" unicycle and I might trade my cousin for his standard chrome 20"…but its got a warped rim. If i take it to a bikeshop and ask if they can even out the wheel ( true it ) and he will pay for that. But the rim is made out of chrome i think it looks just the same as the frame will they be able to true it?




Dude, your getting ripped off.

how? its the exact same uni except 20".

Yeah, but the rim is bent. Chances are that rim will bend again very easily.

EDIT: (if you get it bent back.)

Please, try and be a bit more descriptive with your subject names.

When something like a rim is bent out of shape, it is virtually impossible to get it true again. it will always be a little off and you’ll notice it alot.

Yes…and rims aren’t made out of chrome…they are plated with chrome. It’s a steel rim. :slight_smile: