Lovely ride for the first 2.6 miles tonight. Herons, chaffinches, swans, great crested grebes, mallards… the skinny tyre almost silent on the path as I swooped beneath low hanging willow branches, brushing past nettles that stang my bare legs, picking my way along hard-baked single track, deep in the concentration tunnel for a mile at a time, my shoulders gradually relaxing as the worries of the day ebbed away. Dragonflies and damsel flies sparkled their electric colours in the evening sunlight. Anglers sat contentedly next to smokey fires that kept the flies at bay. Swift swallows swooped low overhead, and martens and swifts fed on the wing far above.

On the walk back, I got to see it all again, for much much longer.

If you own two Camelbacks, keep a puncture repair kit in each one, boys and girls.

An excellent albeit terse writeup for you, Mike. And an outstanding leadin to an appropriate moral.

It sounds like a poem…are you a poet, that was good!

I need to get out more, cheers Mike.

I hate that awful feeling of scrabbling around in your rucksack thinking your puncture kit must be in there, whilst remembering you took it out and put it on the shelf last time you cleaned out said-rucksack and didn’t put it back.