I have 250 dollars, I am in need of a new frame, or other cool unicycle parts, I’m trying to get into street. Right now my unicycle is pretty junky except the seat and tire, the rim is pretty good as well, so, what do you think I should get?

What kind of uni do you currently have?

What do you have for a unicycle now?

Dang…Gilby beat me.

I have a modified monty right now. From unicycle uk but it no longer resembles that. It has a rounded frame right now. I don’t really like it

well, if your riding on a squred tapper hub get a splined one… for 250$ you could probably get something good like kh/onza… your tire should be ok maybe a new rim tho

I was thinking of getting a koxx hub and cranks. How about frames, do u thing I really need one, I don’t do much stuff where I have to put my foot on the frame. I like the KH one but is that a good choice?

The KH is great, but expensive, the Nimbus II is dirt cheap and it’s a good all-round frame, strong with plenty of room for one-foot/standup tricks. For the money it;s quite possibly worth getting one.

yes id say to get the KH frame and hub… DO IT!!!

get new pedals…or are those still good? if you don’t need new parts then don’t get them! YES YES get a new hub/crank set!!! get the QU-AX ones…cheaper and somewhat as strong.