has anyone(full grown) rode a 12"?are they fun?i would think they would be because small stuff is fun to play around on.what about a 16"?

i have both an old 12" and 16" savage that i can ride (barely, im 6’4…) its not a ton of fun, but hey it makes the neighbors laugh :slight_smile:

Whilst there is a bit of a fashion for posts refering to various famous ladies bare, I wonder if 12" was a safe title for a thread. Could end up in the spam bin very quickly!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve ridden a 16. I think by the time you get down to 12s, you’ll have to learn to take the circus comments with good grace. I bet they’re fun though.

yeah 16’s and 12’s are fun, at our juggling club we see who can ride it at the lowest seat setting possible, being te tallest unicyclist rider i also beat every1 else even those who arent even 5’ yet how odd… doesnt really say much for the local standard of riding when i am the best.

what can u do on them besides ride? would a 12" or 16" be more fun for like trick riding?

well, i dont know what they are used for, but i imagine that if it was made right, a 12" would be nigh un-tacoable

You can use a 12" or 16" when riding space is tight. You should be able to do anything on them that you could do on your 20" or 24". Riding just for fun down the hall of a dorm or hotel sounds good. They’d be usefull for a show on a small stage too.

Putting the biggest guy on the smallest wheel is indeed lots of laughs. It reminds of the tricycle races we had when I was in high school.

giraffes with wheels that small are easy to ride. But a normal cycle with a 12" wheel is harder.
I hear that clowns use unicycles with 16" wheels or smaller so they can carry them in a briefcase.

yea james, very true. A little while ago i was able to ride a giraffe with a roller-blading wheel (about 3 or 4"?) Looks harder than it is, but a great crowd-pleaser.

you can wheel walk on a 16". Never tried a 12" but the 16" is lots of fun, not the most useful however…

Re: 12"?

On Sun, 28 Mar 2004 14:43:05 -0600, “trialsin” wrote:

>has anyone(full grown) rode a 12"?

I’ve ridden an otherwise regular uni with a very small wheel at the
uni club. The wheel was about 6" or 8", can’t remember. It was not
difficult to ride, but you need some minutes to adjust. Fun for a
short while, I could pedal at ridiculously high foot speed (rpm). In
spite of the cranks being short, you could hardly lean in corners (of
course the pedal points downward when you lean). It could be
freemounted in a special way: put one pedal on the floor by a slight
lean of the uni, stand on it with “all” of your weight, then place the
other foot and ride away.

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I think profile should make some stronger 145mm cranks - Ryan Atkins

i one foot wheel walked a 12", might have been a ten at the last unimeet. theres no way i could 2 foot wheel walk it cus there was no space. i got about 8 puches on my best go, which i was chuffed with:p

i could also unispin and 360 suicide it and everthing, it was a bit like a pogostick.


I have a 16" with an adult-length frame (by Max’s Dad). It has 3.5" cranks and a Maxxis Hookworm tire. I ride it sometimes at Club practices. It’s great fun in the gym but is completely ridiculous as transportation.


Persish the thought that a unicycle should be completely ridiculous as transportation!

I have a 12" I use in shows. I sometimes save it until near the end of the show before riding it, making a big buildup to doing it. Sometimes I’ll go back for a helmet before attempting it. All of this can be pretty funny if done right. Then I spend about a minute figuring out how to contort myself down to sitting on the thing.

I lowered the seat twice since I got it, including cutting down the frame to get it even lower. This was to keep it annoying to my fellow riders and also make it look sillier. Since then I’ve put on a few pounds, so it’s not as easy to ride as it once was. Got to work on that.

I can go forward, backward and idle. I used to be able to walk the wheel (two feet) on it a little, but I don’t think I ever worked on getting back to the pedals. I can kick-up mount it into a standup ride. I can ride it standing up, no hands (it stays between my ankles). I can sideways wheel walk it a little. I can seat drag, in front or rear.

Here’s a very old picture of it (and me), with other unicycles in there for scale. It’s the one on my head.