YAY!.. i can do shifty’s now!

Uh, does that mean moving your eyes back and forth a lot?

Oh, I can almost do that eye thing. It looks really cool, and everything moves back and forth. I can also cross just one eye.
But you’re probably talking about something else, aren’t you?

Thats sweet Uni-2-death…

How far of a drop do you need to do a shifty?

-Jess :slight_smile:

hey guys… a shifty is when you rotate your wheel like 90 degrees or so and then bring it back. its a fun trick to do down sets of stairs! http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albur58 thats the link to my gallery. theres a picture of me shiftying a 5 set there, and theres a video called “shifty 6 set” or soemthing. check it out.