I bought a 24" United uni and the frame is crap. Can someone suggest a good frame for under $100

The Semcycle XLW and the Yuni frames are good frames.

The W in the Sem XLW stands for wide. I’m not sure how close the crown of the 24" Sem XLW is to the tire. If you want to do gliding and other skills with your foot on the crown the height of the crown above the wheel is important. Generally you want the crown to be close to the tire for foot on crown skills.

The Yuni frame is also a good frame. Again, I’m not sure how close the crown is to the tire in the 24" frame size. You may have to bend the Yuni frame to fit your hub. The frame is designed to fit a wide hub. If you have a narrow hub you have to bend the frame legs in. It is one of the better (if not the best) under $100 frames available.

If you have questions about the frames you can call up unicycle.com. They can tell you how the frame will fit on your wheel and how well the frame will fit your intended purpose. Are you doing freestyle, trials, muni?

24" Yuni with a 2.5 Hookworm.