hey are thier any unicycling compotitions in canada??

i live in canada and i hate it because i dont want to go to the states to ride in compo’s


Your not missing much, I have yet to be at a competition, or be remotely close to one. Seems competing is more a west coast thing, that or not as many people unicycle on the Left Coast. I think Dylan ‘Wallbanger’ Wallinger is going to be having a Vancouver Island Muni Weekend in June, I’m gonna try to hit that up if I can. Thats not really a competition, but its in canada.
If you really want a copmpition in canada I would talk to people in here about orginizing some sort of shindig. That kinda thing usually brings some intrest
Take it esay


There may be a UNi-Trials competion at the Bike Show in Toronto this coming march. (this is only going on what one of the Toronto Unicyclist’s said)

Can you confirm that anybody?



Please do everyone on this board a favour and put something meaningful in your subject line.

Stay tuned for info on the event happening at the Toronto International Bike Show (Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2003). I’ll be sending it out as soon as it all gets approved (approx 2 weeks).