360? 180?

After watching universe today, (for the nth time), in the video, both the
more freestlish 360 (in the skate park), and bigger Muni version are done
while they’re holding the seat with one hand. the diffrence: The Muni
version is done with lots of air, off a big drop, its done more slowly, i
think. The freestylish version was very snappy. What I mean is that he
really whipped around fast.

From my skiing experience, your body follows your head. To do a 360 on
skis you need to look over your shoulder and keep looking untill you land,
you body will twist in the direction you look. Try to look straight ahead
(not up or down that is) and as far around as you can. Thats the key.

You also need to wind up before you take off, even twist a bit of the 360
before you hop or jump. Whip you arms around in the direction your
spinning, also. When your first trying this on a uni, if you can get the
height, it might be usefull then, to hop with the seat pressed between
your thighs. Rather than holding it with one hand.

Another thing that i’ve learned form skiing experience is that fear is a
big factor. Or at least intimidation or hesitation. If your not confidant
of what your doing, your probably going to fail. Go over the sequence in
your head before you try. Dont hesitate. Spring up and around in the same
instant, and cooridnate your body.

A 180 is really quite easy on skis, and it isnt extremy difficult on a uni
(aside from that whole “balancing on 1 wheel while hopping into the air,
flailing and twisting around, followed by an unstable landing on the same
one wheel” thing). Many skiers can do 360’s or more, just hopping off the
snow, which is about comparable to hopping on a uni.

I havnt moved past a 180 on my uni yet, but im still pretty bad at that
whole “riding” thing (compared to many in this group). Everything i say
here is based on skiing experience and can hopefully be applied to
unicycling as well.

Nick Cegelka


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