I’m looking for a 36’’ unicycle. I’d prefer a KH, Coker, or Nimbus.

There is a KH with a ti-hub here:

and I have a Coker for sale however it’s for small to medium sized riders and it is pink so chances are it’s not going to suit your needs for viewing here:


Yes, I saw both of these. The KH is above my price range, and while I admire the work you have done on your Coker, it is too small for me. (I’m 5’11’’.)

Thanks Duffy.

If you want try the link below and scroll down to moron’s post, seems like he might have a Nimbus to sell if the type he has interests you.
Just trying to help you out. Here is the thread:

What is your price range? I have seen a couple on craigslist recently.

I ended up buying a new Nimbus Titan, which was on sale at this website for $400:


There’s still one more left in stock.