just another video i made. sorry about the riding/editing/filming and sorry about how short it is.

Really impressive hops! And as always super smooth!


riding and filming weren’t really good, but it was also not bad…
fun to watch 1time ^^ not to be rewatched a lot of times:)

some of my best riding :stuck_out_tongue:

Aidan, you’re sick :wink:


I really liked it. The slow-mo filming matched the song well.

Oh, at 1:05, I thought you were going up to pedal. Pretty impressed that you went straight to rubber. Very nice. Also, that big drop looked scary.

Cool video. My only complaint is that it was short and dark. The riding was great, though.

Thanks for the positive comments guys! <3 :smiley:

Really good Aidan, the song/filming/edit fit well. Riding was good, and the filming was smooth, but a bit too dark sometimes.

thanks julia :slight_smile: i wish it wasnt as dark but it cant be brightened up without it looking strange and i decided to ride at night. next time ill try to change the aperture :slight_smile:

some of your best riding? :thinking:
but like 90% was highjump? I want to see more lines from you! with gaps, fronthops, skinie riding, tech. hops/pedalgrabs,… xD
Ok, your highjump is really high, but I would say: put your best highjump clip in your vid and for the rest of the vid, go out and do good lines :wink: (and not in the darkness ^^ because I know you have a nice style… but its kinda hard to see when its dark

ps: but ofcourse I loved your lines with the big drop^^ looks really nice :smiley:

There’s nothing to be sorry about with this video :slight_smile:

Yes your absolutely right but I didn’t have much time at this spot and I don’t know if I will be able to go back soon. I like highjump too much xD much more than trial haha

good god your sidehop is getting insane.

:smiley: thanks hahaha