Very nice. And color coordinated too :slight_smile:

not bad, but you will have to learn to jump 1 handed!!

Why is that?:slight_smile:

  1. Because then you can pull the unicycle much more under you.
  2. You can use the free hand to put more stregth in your pre-hop when you learn that.
  3. You can use the free arm to put weight over the pallets (you’ll understand why that is important later.

Mabye you should try to watch some of the more trained trials rider to seen how they do it. Search for: Joe Hodges, Mark Fabian, Mike Taylor, Max Schulze and many more :smiley:

How long have you been riding?

I got my trials unicycle 4 months ago. I’m right handed which hand should I use to hold the seat?

right hand…

that means your hoping in the wrong direction if your right handed :wink: maybe since your young your should try a thinner seat cause it might feel better for your hands or just trim the foam down :slight_smile:

I find it much easier jumping to the right :thinking:

Then hold the seat with your left hand!

I don’t think it really matters if your left handed or right handed, but hopping to the opposite direction of the hand your holding the seat with is key to a good hop.

I have just gone out in the garden and I am now able to jump the whole 30cm 90% of the time just using my left hand. :slight_smile: