Enrollment now open at “UCC Tech”. :smiley:

(And talk about original comments from non-riders! A hiker, seen after credits, is hilariously enthusiastic! :p)

That was cool, the cable cam makes it look nicer.
Just curious when you say ““Uni-Cable-Cam” concept & Design by Terry Peterson, 2009. All rights reserved” what are you claiming? your name for it or the concept of a cable cam?

The name for it, yes. The concept and design is specifically for the “UCC”, and not a cable cam in general, of which there are tons of variants. So my only claim is for my own specific design and the name I use. :slight_smile:

Speed controller … too cool.
That was fun … I needed to see me some UniGeezer whilst sitting on my duff in my hotel.
That lady loves you Terry … gotta make ya’ feel good to bring joy to folks.
I am so looking forward to some MUni… November… and cold.

What is the ‘Speed Controller’?

String! Simple, adjustable, light, takes up no additional room in backpack. I previously used a modified bicycle friction shifter with a wood dowel attached at a right angle. This was attached to the side of the ucc body, and could be adjusted to apply upward pressure on the line at various increments to control the descent speed.

It worked for a while but line pressure was inconsistent. Now I just tie a piece of string around the middle of the ucc, and over the cable line, and make it just snug enough so it creates sufficient “drag” to effectively slow the ucc to whatever speed you want. It was actually something I did on the fly, while on the trail. Later I’ll make something better, like a flat nylon strip with an adjustable velcro strap for quick set up and adjustments. The nylon strip will be smoother and won’t cause the cable line to fray and won’t “catch” out wear ou like string can. :slight_smile:

Nice! As always… I get happy everytime i see that you’ve done something new.


Sinceo you’re way to film os so proffesional and the filming itself is very good i think you should spend a little more time to make the text and the textfonts a little more proffesional to suit your videos better, even if you use moviemaker, you can make pretty advanced by downloading fonts from the web and dispose the text in many other different ways.

Consider that this is my opinion :wink:
Hope it can be useful…

That hiker was awesome!

Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah, sometimes I also use youtube annotations, which are getting popular, and those are pretty basic without any font/soze options. Sometimes I make captions and titles using Nero 9, save them as a wmv and upload them for use in my MM videos. :slight_smile:

Yeah she is now one of my all-time favorites for hiker comments, along with that female jogger (“You’re fun to watch”) older mtb guy, lol!.

Thanks Sean. How cold is it? Just wear some ear muffs and warm clothes and go for it! You’ll warm up anyway after riding for a while. What’s doin’ at the hotel? Doing shows? That is soooo cool I would LOVE to do that also. :smiley:

Nice, those trails look cool. I like how you put the video together.

Thanks Sam. The trails there are just tons of fun and really rocky, which is great for building technical MUni skills. :slight_smile:

Really cool, Terry. I enjoy seeing all of your different filming techniques. I am planning on filming for my first muni video soon.

I am also planning on buying a muni, probably a 26". What size of wheel are you riding in this video?

Thanks Matt, and I’m looking forward to seeing your first MUni video! My wheel size is 24" with a 3" DH tire. 26ers make excellent MUnis too! :smiley:

Thanks Terry. I think I am going to go with a 26" for the added speed. I’ve taken my 20" to some trails that are close to my university residence a few times, but it is just way to slow. The trails have some really good steep downhill sections though, and it works out fine for that. That’s where I will probably do most of my filming. And I want to do it soon while I have all of the nice fall colours for the background.

Sounds like a good plan. I’m not sure what crank size would be optimal but I guess it really depends on the rider’s preference. I’m thinking 150-165 like the 24. If anyone owns a 26er MUni, maybe you could tell us what you use and prefer.

You’re right about trials unis being a lot slower for covering distances, but that doesn’t seem to phase a lot of riders who have ridden them at Moab, CA MUni weekend, and other MUni events. The main advantage I would think is that they can do trials-type stuff on rocks and whatever better than on a 24.

The pros seem to use cable cameras alot. Here’s one with a list of others.
which might give you some ideas on shots you could take or refinements to your system.

Haha, I love how it says, “Our pricing starts at $12,900”! Lol. My system cost $12.00, lol! Thanks for the link though I’ll see what I can glean from their website. I’m pretty happy with what I have though and really want to keep it simple and portable.

;)I may want to add more “bells & whistles” and more elaborate goodies later on, but I just like the simplicity and ease/speed of set up and the fact that the whole system fits in my backpack. Doing this type of filming 100% solo was my main objective. :slight_smile:

I also like how their system fits in a mini van.
spydercam was used for spiderman in an urban setting. In your case, I’m thinking Walmart… :slight_smile:

Just goes to show what can be accomplished with a few dollars and a little imagination. Tiger woods could wipe the floor with almost anybody on any golf course,(non-pro) using only a putter and a nine iron found at any garage sale! It’s not so much about how expensive and elaborate the equipment, but what you do with what you have. :slight_smile: