hi i was wondering if anyone has any advise about how to start getting into lerning a 180? not a uni spin, just a 180. is doing it SIF better or can i do it normally? BTW I RIDE A 24":smiley:

180s are easier SI. Once you can ride backwards, just try to jump and turn your body.

try and start by doing it not rolling. try to hop 180 but in smaller increments, like hop 5 times and turn around completely within those 5 hops. then try and decrease the amount of hops, then try it rolling

Watch this:


Notice, he says “not a unispin” ? Well I guess I just answered my own question :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, not a uni spin. i dunno if its because im a slow learner, i teach myself everything, dont got anyone to help me, or that i ride a 24" that seems to make things really hard for me to learn but yeah, i cant ride SIF so not a uni spin.

ride forwards, turn your upper body around first, then jump and pivot your hips to become in line with your upper body

It is definately easier seat in. It is easier with a seat equipped with a handle but is still possible without. If you can hop up a curb you could do this with prehops. It is also more difficult rolling which is described as a backspin. It is not all that harder then it looks.