The name “24” just popped into my head as the perfect title that succinctly describes the particular size uni I use in this video. It also gave me the idea of using a well known graphic (from a popular TV series) that appears after “UniGeezer:”. It just seemed to fit in so well! I’m sure you’ll recognize it, haha. :smiley:

In this one I try a few new things, including something like a “rolling no-footer/crank flip”! I had seen Beau Hoover and Chuck Edwall do their amazing brake assisted, no-footer coasting, and have been spending hours trying to learn it.

So far I haven’t been able to do the long rolling coast, so it’s more like a no-footer crank flip/roll thing, which was still really a great feeling when I got it…after like a million tries!

I’d appreciate your comments and any ideas you may have, to help me in learning the “Hoover-Edwall” type brake assisted, no-footer coasting. Cheers!

Watch in standard HQ or HD.

video is set to private :frowning:

It say private. Fixed now

Hmm, try again it’s not private now. :o

Video worked for me, very cool. Your crazy playing with that snake, :astonished:

Hi terry,

Nice vid, and good work on the brake assisted coasting. I will have to give it a go as well, looks like a great challenge. I’ve seen a good lot of your videos and thought i would just comment on one element of your riding that i think you might consider working on. I know you love your drops, but it seems that whenever it is a larger one, you attack it statically and at a slight angle. I am a huge fan of rolling as much terrain as possible and if necessary large drops. This often means approaching large drops with my feet at any position in a revolution, and then correcting to a 3-9oclock orientation mid air for landing.

I feel that this makes for a more exciting and flowy style of riding, and could enhance the look of your video’s. After a while, the look of static drops that are essentially the exact same skill on slightly different terrain gets me bored.
It will, at the least, give you some fun bails and outtakes for your next lot of videos.

Keep up your outrageous output on these forums, it is appreciated and enjoyable


haha, I made sure I was at a safe distance. But I wasn’t exactly playing with it, lol, I was trying to get it safely off the trail and back into the brush to prevent it from becoming road kill, or worse, biting somebody! :astonished:

Thanks Mark, I really appreciate your comments! Yeah I always try, and prefer doing rolling drops when riding MUni, like with stair sets and such. Sometimes only “static” is possible, like on the log in the video, where all I could do was to mount it and jump off, lol. But I hear ya, and in my next viddy, every single drop will be of the rolling variety! :smiley:

And yeah, the “controlled coasting” is a blast! I plan to try again but try it going much faster, and on a steeper downhill! Scary, even with a brake, but I thing I can get a lot more revs that way. :slight_smile:

Nice video Terry, your drops are getting bigger :slight_smile: That was quite a large rattler btw…

Thanks Johnny. About midway through making that video I had a bad fall while scouting out other places to shoot. I was riding past a group of hikers on narrow single track, and while negotiating past them I didn’t see a deep depression, and when my wheel hit it I fell hard on my left hip and shoulder, and I’m pretty sure that I tore my rotator cuff. :frowning: Anybody else ever have this type of injury?

It’s not so bad that I don’t have full range of motion, but it hurts to raise my arm, and since it’s my left arm which I hold the lift handle with, I’ll have to really hold back on all the drops and stuff, which will be hard to do, even with the pain!
So about the last half of the video was after I had that fall. :o

I liked that last wee “hunched-over” clip.
Heal yourself. Take some time. I had to lay off 'cause of a patella issue. Feels really good after a week of PT, rest and a backpack trip.
Mounted the 36’er today and will have an evening ride.
Congrats on those leg up roll crank flip power stop tricks. Know you invested some time there!!!

Nice video Terry,what is it with you and snakes :astonished: Now about that torn rotor cuff ,you want to hope it is only a small tear.I had a half inch tear 18 months ago and the choice was surgery that needs about 12 months recovery or natural healing that takes about 12 to 18 months.I went the natural way and while not completely healed it is not a disability any more.It did cause considerable pain and sleepless nights for about 9 months.I really hope your injury is a minor one.:slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your rotator cuff injuy. I don’t think mine’s that serious and today the pain is almost totally gone. About 8 months ago, I fell really hard on my other shoulder, while riding down Mammoth mountain. You can see the fall here if you have’t already. I tried to soften the impact by putting out my hands, but it didn’t do much good. It hurts just to watch it! :frowning:

I love your Rolling no footer crank flip! I had to watch it over and over; man that would be so cooool to be able to do that.Do you think it would be possible without a brake? Great video as usual, and I never get tired of watching the static drops…boring?..no way!! Awsome?..definately!!:slight_smile:

not to sound redundant but that link says private.

Thanks very much. I wouldn’t try that type of coasting without a brake! I tried it and immediately fell back and just caught myself or would have had a bad rear end landing, lol! It’s still very tricky even with a brake, but at least it’s somewhat more controllable. And with the more traditional coasting, where your feet have contact with the uni via the crown, you can move your body forward and backward to make adjustments in balance and you also have your hands free to aid in balance as well.

With this type you have no foot contact and basically are doing the “splits”, and have to hold the saddle while you try to balance and brake at the same time. Other than that it’s pretty easy! ;):wink:

Hmm, I logged out of my youtube account and it tried it and it works fine for me. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the deal is then with my cp it keeps say it’s private. The first vid work. Great work as always, keep them coming.

Nice video.
You’re lucky to have such big snakes where you ride. Here in good ole DK we only have snakes that is very little compared to your californian rattlers.
And I liked how you rode suspiciously fast, and the lady ran suspiciously slow

Definately. I did it earlier today… (Inspired by Terry (And someone from Defect (I think it was Defect, at least (:p))))

It says private to me too.

What?? How did you watch it then? :thinking: I triple checked it and from other computers where I wasn’t even logged into my YT account, and it played normally.

It was the fall from 8 months ago that is set to private, not the actual video.

Yeah, Brian Lundgren did it without a brake in Defect.

Here are a couple clips of Beau doing it, one is down a steep hill and the other is across a log. They are on facebook so you might need an account or something.

And looking good Terry :wink: