Last video of the summer…school started today…
I’ve landed the 180 down that 6 stairs in the beginning, but never got it on film and won’t have time to for a while so I just left it as is. The last three riders aren’t me…if you couldn’t tell.
Please commmmmment


Really nice and laid back. Good riding, nice progression.

Good Flow, Fit well togeather And lose the glases please…

the last clip = lol!

ya the last clip is funny, nice vid

Thanks for the comments. The guy w/ the glasses wasn’t me. Glad you liked the video

Nice video! Whats with Forest Gump mural?

Ha I have no idea. It was at my old junior high…it wasn’t there when I went to school there…

I personally think that “<3” looks more like a mouse than a heart.

mouse with a huge ass. <3–

haha I exported the video as an HD size and vimeo took it as HD so it looks a whole lot better than the one originally posted I think even w/ HD off. The first clip still looks pretty bad but I think that’s the lighting

nice chill vid. crazy big hops…nice 180’s

nah this is a mouse…


he he. good video as well