topic for who recently learned crankflip

Hello guys this topic is for who learned the crankflip recently

I want to know how is your progress just to compare and see how we are going

just aswer the questions

do you learned it after the shaun johanenson tutorial ?

do you learned another variation of crankflip ?

how many attempts to land it ?

so, i learned the crankflip after the shauns tutorial , and i landed my first crankflip 3 months ago. I still dont have a variation of it, i twisted my ankle trying 180 unispin + crankflip ( outflip ? ) since them iam just trying to have the crankflip solid and down curbs

but it is not solid yet , i have to burst like 12 attempts to land one

how are you guys are going ?

i can do those sometimes
i havn’t tried one in a while.

It a Hickflip if its seat out - seat out, and Outflip if it starts seat in. Kinda like a small spin is different to varial and big spin is different to full varial. But its all just (pointless?) terminology.

I learned flips after the SJ vid, hickflips and some trey flips but far from consistent on treys (landed a dozen of them and then lost it). It has also been argued that my flips suck.

i found very hard to do flips with seat out

and about the 180 unispin + crankflip i was talking seat in to out

so only us learned it ?