Topeak Defender M2 Mudguard

The wet, cold weather over the last week or two got me thinking about mudguards — specifically a light, detachable, adjustable mudguard that would work well off road on both the 29" and 36" uni’s.

A mudguard could come in handy especially on longer XC rides in the rain, not just to help keep the butt crack dry but also with reducing the amount of cleaning up the Camelbak, clothes and unicycle e.g. the underside of the seat, after a ride.

Bottom line: I’m really happy so far with the Topeak DeFender M2 Mudguard. Works well on the 29’er and is an especially great fit on the 36’er. Good mounting system, and swapping it from uni to uni only takes a few seconds.

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Looks great - i have read and approve it :slight_smile: