Top websites to buy?

My first post!

I’ve been viewing this forum for a very long time but now I am finally part of the Unicyclist Community!

Been riding my Torker DX for a while, its old and I’m lookin to buy a new uni-most likely a street/trials and a muni.

I only really know to look at Anyone else have any advice on where to buy Uni’s in the US? Current sales would also be appreciated if anyone knows of any!

Thanks in advance :wink:

The local unicycle shop here in Minnesota is Compulsion Cycles. Joe is a dealer so he can get you anything carries, has access to lots of other cycling parts, and can help you build a custom uni.

Welcome to!

renegade juggling has good street unicycles

Yeah they didn’t have too many options there… any others?

Like Gilby said, Compulsion Cycles has a lot of options on the website, and can also get anything from along with lots of parts from bike companies that doesn’t stock.