top ten was to identify a unicycler

i donno if there is a post like this already but i always see stuff like this David Lettermen… so i will start it off…

Top Ten Ways You Know Your a Unicyclist.

  1. When you wake up in the morning and your not dressed untill you put ur 661’s on
  2. When on vacations and doing tours of citys and stuff all you can this is “dude that would be SICK to ride!!”

Add some more…

  1. when you start to notice that when riding a bike your pedals dont move unitll the whole bike is moving. lol
  1. You waddle around like a duck.
  1. when you are riding a unicycle.

When you take a vacation and wind up doing nothing but riding.

when people uve never met shout t you (when uve not got ur unicyce) wheres ur tricycle mate

tucked in shoe laces

…im actually pretty sure there has been a thread like this. But that doesnt mean there cant be another one :slight_smile:

your not watching close enough then…the top ten starts off with ten not one.

Haha, yeah the same applies to me with motorcycling. :slight_smile:

yeah there was, and ive been wanting to re-read it but im too lazy to search, so keep going

oh and one from that list was:you have the ten skill levels memorized (although that wouldnt apply so much now cuz freestylers are becoming lesser)

well you walk down stairs and think I wish I could have my uni to gap em

When you notice big ugly scabs (shaped suspiciously like pedals) all over somebody’s leg when they are wearing shorts.

I just got back from doing just that this weekend! :slight_smile:

when he ‘actually’ has the circus song on his mp3 player :frowning:

  1. When away from home all objects are wondered “How would that be to ride on?”
  2. When you watch tv or a movie all you see are lines to ride.
  3. When you start to jump down sets in everyday life busting tricks on an imaginary uni.
  4. Doodles of “Syko” “Bedford” or any other uni related things are drawn all over everything.
  5. Favorite movies on your id page are “defect” and “Universe 1 & 2”.
  6. Your 661’s are part of your outfit for a day.
  7. When walking you think of what tricks could be busted on the floor your walking on.
  8. Getting kicked in the balls doesn’t hurt.
  9. Ankels are 3 times the size they should be.
  10. You have more footy then you know what to do with.
    Something like that. laters

when you actually have a sticker on your car.

when you own one or more unicycles.

I resemble that remark :roll_eyes:

or when you take a vacation, specifically for riding.

MOAB? Cal Muni weekend? etc I am still trying to figure out how to pull off MOAB this year since it is on my wifes B-DAY

Well its 3 days long so maybe you can come to the other 2 days.